30 Beauty Tips in 4 mins

Hey guys, if the video isn’t playing. Move the cursor arrow forward a bit. See if that helps =) or just wait a bit so the video processes. Apparently watching in HQ makes it load =D xx www.twitter.com www.bubzbeauty.com Join the NEW Bubzbeauty Facebook fanpage! I connect with you guys one-to-one here www.facebook.com Here are 30 Beauty Tips I feel everybody should know. They are all tips that I swear by or questions that I get asked alot. Hope you guys enjoy the quick cramming of beauty info ^_^ Sorry if I was talking too quick (Its a Northern Irish thing LOL) but I was trying to condense the tips in a less than 4 minute video. =D Happy New Year everyone! Thank you so much for sticking by me. Thank you for being my Inspiration. I only wish next year, you guys will still be here =) *hugs n kisses* Stay well, Much love, Bubz x

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25 Responses to 󈬎 Beauty Tips in 4 mins”

  1. Love you Bubz!

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  3. Bubz I always do the mascara trick and it really works!!!!!! Thank you so much! I wrote down all your beauty tips so I don’t loose them and I always follow them LOL ???

  4. why does your accent keep changing from irish to american ?

  5. Great vid! Thanks it helped xx

  6. @ahuida2 It is Skin Moisturizer!(:

  7. what is that little blue bottle?? i dont understand ur accent lol i have also accent when i speak english i have latin accent worst that urs hahah 😀

  8. @madyp99 she is living in hong kong now but she is from nothern ireland :)

  9. yes its irish

  10. shes from hong kong not ireland i think.

  11. I never knew about the putting Kiwi over your eyes!x Because I have dark circles even thoughI get loads of sleep, would you know why?xxx

  12. very good

  13. you’re so pretty, and i think your accent’s really cool!

  14. where are you from?

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  17. @kagnomi hey i think the same too.(but im Indian)

  18. if shes irish then shes like that skittles commercial lol

  19. @tenten1140 No actually it isn’t! I think it’s cool. just stating the reality O.o

  20. @DaFawky Is that an insult?

  21. Her accent is …. Chinese Irish girl attempting an American/Canadian accent.

  22. Wow ! It went really fast think I might gave to wacth it again LOL:)

  23. @MeiLegg her accent is irish(:

  24. @AngelGirlC her accent is irish(:

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