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Almost all blogger must know Adsense or Google Adsense. Yes, Google Adsense is ads network owned by google. Most of blogger are also the member of Google Adsense or usually called Publisher. For newbie publisher, Google Adsense may become the best ads network that give big revenue. However how about the professional blogger?

For professional blogger adsense is not the only one of their source of revenue. Moreover, for some successful blogger, their revenue from google adsense is only a little part of their total revenue. So where is their most of revenue come from?

Their biggest revenue is comes from Affiliate Network or Cost per Action (CPA) Network, not from cost per click like Adsense. One of theme is Clickbooth Affiliate Network.

Clickbooth is a CPA (Cost Per Action) Network with over 4,000 campaigns, of those 450+ are True Exclusives. Clickbooth is also the AOR (Agency of Record that handle all the advertisers online marketing) for the industry’s top Diet, Weight loss, Colon Cleanse, and Business Opportunity campaigns.

What make Clickbooth different:
1. Guaranteed highest payouts. Clickbooth work with the industry’s largest advertisers that guarantee publishers with the highest returns.
2. The latest technology and custom rotators to deliver ads.
3. Flexible payout options, you can choose weekly, biweekly, or monthly.
4. You can call for assistance everyday, all day 24/7.
5. $10 each you refer a publisher. And you also receive 2% gross referral credit for life.
6. Clickbooth is also selective in approving publisher, and you will be called for verification.
7. They also offer some marketing types, like onsite marketing and email marketing.

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