Guy Catches Laptop With His Butt

Guy does crazy tricks and catches laptop in his butt.

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25 Responses to “Guy Catches Laptop With His Butt”

  1. Its fake, if look at the shadows on the last one with the monkey bar you can see there is no shadow of the guy hanging but you can see what looks to be the shadow of an arm dropping the laptop into the guys hands. Very good editing though.

  2. what would you do if he missed his ass and the laptop hit him in the nuts?

  3. fake and gay!

  4. fake!!!!!

  5. it’s so fake, it’s gay.

  6. i knew i shouldnt have clicked the link to this..
    wtf did i just watch o.O

  7. i won’t be touching that laptop any time soon..

  8. chuck norris can do this with one cheek

  9. gay? hmm. I didn’t notice any dicks in any butts. But I guess asses and laptops can conjure up all sorts of gay thoughts in some people. lol.

  10. Surprise buttsecks!!

  11. ummmmmm

  12. … shit.

  13. The actual idea is kool but kinda. Gay??

  14. @kasiic911 Quote: “fake? or gay?”


  15. fake? or gay?

  16. @RangingKingMaxie hmm but is it though?

  17. they look funny 😉

  18. my head just exploded

  19. what else does he catch in his ass?

  20. yeah im waiting for the corner of one to just go through the spandex and ripping his ass hole open…….

  21. What The Fuck

  22. WTF?..

  23. very very strange

  24. very very strange

  25. Who cares if its fake? Its better than anything u will cum up with