Halo: Reach – How to get four banshees on “The Package” (Easter Egg)

Geoff and Jack show you how to get four Banshees on the Halo: Reach level “The Package.”

Explains how to turn a piece of printer paper into a traditional origami Japanese crane. It involves some new and advanced folds which I go through step by step on how to perform. Hope you enjoy!

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50 Responses to “Halo: Reach – How to get four banshees on “The Package” (Easter Egg)”

  1. At 2:44 u can see a grunt flying in the air becasue of it’s methane leaking and launching it in the air check it out

  2. whoa u almost died in out of bounds

  3. Gavin is awesome!!!!!!!!

  4. lol Thats what she said.

  5. does it have to be on legendary???

  6. dude u can also get out of the map that way too

  7. @Reshiram643 u can get the red one by completing the vidmaster challenges
    only i’m not sure

  8. @besthalovideosever

    Ill tell ya!
    Red Flame: purchase the $15 Legendary Edition of Halo: Reach
    Blue Flame: Be a Bungie Employe

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  10. those guy are amasing hell yeah

  11. guys i need help i dont know how to take the flaming helmet in halo reach

  12. new halo reach mission: The Pancake

  13. if you fly near the cannons can you get shot of them or not???

  14. @kylewalker200

    There’s a time limit on the second one and it has to be on legendary. You have to use two people because the second switch will disappear after a handful of seconds.

  15. You can’t skyjack them. The banshees and falcons out there aren’t actual vehicles, they’re scenery. Some of the falcons are even missing their propellers.

  16. the 1st one was their but the second wasnt

  17. Awesome^^

  18. does this have to be done on multiplayer

  19. Tried the skyjack thing, took me longer to do than it took gavin to find the banshees, but u cant do it =[ Good luck on other vids =D

  20. thats what she said 😀

  21. damn, i spent over 10 minutes looking for the second switch, it was never there.

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  23. thts wut she said lol

  24. I can’t do anything with these AA guns. Can’t break the shield, can’t blow them from the outside with the tank. What the hell?

  25. @bryantey13 u have to enter in the AA guns and explode from the inside

  26. this was so hard for me xD,but I did it,and it was realy fun 😀

  27. this was so hard for me xD,but I did it,and it was realy fun 😀

  28. Yayyy i can make a origami crane*looks at my lil’ crooked crane proudly*X3

  29. i love origami its so easy and and always fun to do!!!!!! Thx for another great video!!!!!

  30. i am awsome with origmi

  31. hey rob i will soon make a video response and i would be so happy if u made a tutorial for it:) anyway i figured out how to transform the paper crane into a paper hawk so plzzzzzzzz make tutorial once i get de video THX :) :)

  32. Thanx alot man i will make a one to my younger bro… 😉
    Very nice :)

  33. @blackdeathrisingover Always good to hear, thanks :-)

  34. @Ebersolfixer Thank you very much for the comment, glad you liked it! :-)

  35. there is an easier way to petal fold; at 4:00 tuck the folds you made in and flip it up and OMG!?!?!? EPIC PETAL FOLD

  36. there is an easier way to petal fold

  37. i cant gat the pull part where the things come in rob can you help

  38. It is so easy to do. Thank god

  39. @snakefang5X He has a vid on that

  40. very very nice design is there a way you could make it so the wing flap??

  41. its only ur video that helped me with the peddle fold

  42. absolutely the best I’ve seen!!!!!!!!!! Perfecto!!!!

  43. Fantastic tutorial, by far the best I’ve seen.


  45. @MrElmocookie im only 16, this is fun!

  46. like? more like love ,you explained it so i could understand ,thank you

  47. it helped a lot u it went step by step and it worked perfectly

  48. what about the shuriken octogan thing in your update vid

  49. mine looked like crap oh well

  50. I’m going to fold 1000 of these and get mah free wish 😀