How do the Mediums tricks work at Séances and there other tricks?

Question by Johnny White: How do the Mediums tricks work at Séances and there other tricks?
I am just wondering how the “Table-Tilting” trick and other tricks work at the Mediums feats?

Someone tell me?

I am asking from a skeptics point of view!

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Answer by Maggie W.
It is good to be skeptical however if I were to say to you…”Why do ignorant geeks ask stupid questions?” You might not wish to deal with me. So if I may suggest a better way to ask this question… Mediums: “Is there a trick to table-tipping or other manifestations which may occur during a seance?”
You see what I mean it is less aggressive in the way in which it was asked but stated basically the same thing.
I have been to more than a few seances and some are faked. This is mostly as you have not so politely stated tricks. Done through is described as physical medium-ship. The seances that have given the most accurate information have been of the mental variety. That is to say the medium merely conveys messages from “the other side, or spirit world.” The last one I attended was very accurate with people and things from those who had passed away. Blessed be…~M~

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2 Responses to “How do the Mediums tricks work at Séances and there other tricks?”

  1. First of all you are quite right to describe them as ‘tricks’ any stage magician will tell you that psychics who do this are complete fakes.

    There are many of these conjuring tricks performed, it isn’t just one trick, for example in a very dark room an accomplice dressed in black can walk around shaking tambourines and blowing trumpets completely unobserved.

    So called ectoplasm is just muslin cleverly concealed and produced by sleight of hand.

    These sort of tricks are rarely performed these days, especially as the ‘Great Harry Houdini’ during his world tours exposed fake mediums wherever he went.

    Here’s an old book explaining how some of these were done.

    These days James Randi continues Houdini’s work in exposing these charlatans with a $1,000,000 challenge to anyone who can perform any paranormal feat under controlled but mutually agreed conditions.

    Table tipping explained.

  2. I am a psychic, grew up in a family of psychics and I have to say…..
    you are completely right.

    I feel that seances and “ghost conjuring” is all a bunch of bullshit. Other things I have notice is the “medium” going into some sort of trance and coming out all “possessed” by the spirit in the room, and like fainting on the ground. It makes me laugh every time.
    I’ve seen the glasses on the top of the table move on its own and fly on the side (due to a magnet in the glass and one under the table.) when a medium ask for a spirit to make contact and something knocks on a wall, obviously an accomplice that can hear the seance either through the wall or a walkie talkie hidden somewhere in the room. I’ve seen projections of ghost on the wall, i’ve seen a womans dress magically rip off her, and some “entity” fondling her, as she claimed.

    If your goal is to make a “fake” seance, I advise you to be careful, that there are things out there that shouldn’t be meddled with. Don’t kill any animals, and certainly don’t read from the necronomicon, lol. other than that have fun, got crazy, rig traps, scare the shit outta people, its all just cheap tricks and gimmicks.