“How To Cope With Depression” Tales Of Mere Existence

If you’re feeling down, go to your Co-Workers, Elders, Family and Friends for help. They are sure to give you great, great advice…
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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 Responses to ““How To Cope With Depression” Tales Of Mere Existence”

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  3. @hotnsassy84
    please refer to my comment to Ms. Sarahcollage. i was talking about various studies done on believers and non believers. very inetersting facts/proof that faith whether if its in yourself, God, or any other meaningful force, helps one to overcome any stress/ or depression. it doesnt matter where it comes from. as long as one feels that he has something/someone to rely on makes a great progress in their emotional state. the feeling of being lonely and helpless adds to one’s stress.

  4. depression sucks ass and is a serious problem in society that people dont take notus of.

  5. @sarahscollage
    Scientists from Toronto proved that believing in God helps remove uneasy feeling and reduce stress to the very minimum. They noticed distinctions in brain work between believers and nonbelievers. They tested cognitive control which allows to measure electrodes in brain activity.
    turns out religious people have considerably less stress in the brain area which changes behavior due to the reaction to stress, signaling way more control as a result of emotional experiences.


    Thanks for sharing your experience. I feel encouraged when i hear (or read) about people recovering from mental health issues. Like you, i believe in the power of faith and prayer so that is an important part of what i do to help manage and overcome my problems.

    The University of Western Sydney did a study in which they discovered that being part of a faith group is extremely beneficial for those who suffer from mental health issues. They are finally cottoning on huh? 😉

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  8. @RUSSKAYAG Praying works for some but, for me, I trust the medical care more than anything else, whatever it is. Having said that, i sympathize with you because i’m open minded enough to think 50% of a cure it’s psychological. it’s very interesting to me how people have different ways of deal with these situations.

  9. @RUSSKAYAG that is self healing. your metals believe that you will be good by praying, so you healed yourself by yourself. that doesn’t necessarily mean the person you’re praying to has helped you and listened to you, but rather you, yourself, mentally believed that it would cure you. first thing to get well from any sickness is believe that one will get will.
    (western medicines are artificial not natural so they don’t necessarily work for every person)

  10. @hotnsassy84
    I had clinical depression a few years ago. pills werent helping me. i started studying about depression, and started praying- for there is no medical solution at this time except offered med. treatments. i started to get out of that condition slowly, noticing the change in about 4 months. nothing else was helping. i got out of it myself, by praying.

  11. @sarahscollage

    i have to withdraw my comments. everyone has different opinions, i am not trying to change any of the views here. vision problems is a physical disorder, not mental. entirely different theme

  12. @RUSSKAYAG but you’re saying all of this things as if you know the true meaning of why people get depressed. Instead of slagging the medical institution off why don’t you just talk about the solution for it, how can you help these people? “look in the root” why don’t you explain that?


    I also encourage you to explore the richness of Hebrew words such as shalom or salvation as they apply in a past, present and future tense. So i can accept that Jesus has taken my affliction into his body on the cross (i am healed), seek my healing holisticaly in the present (i am being healed) and believe that i will become more healed in the future.


    Hello again.

    You may be surprised to know that i am a devout and practicing Christian. I have faith and i also struggle with mental health issues. I hear where you are coming from but i encourage you to consider with an open mind the idea that someone can have both faith and a medical condition. Do you know people of faith who wear glasses to help them see? ? If so, do you believe their vision problem is evidence of their lack of faith?

  15. @RUSSKAYAG Screw faith. I don’t have any faith in a religion, or very many people. But I’m not depressed. And depression isn’t a lack of faith. It’s what sarahscollage (person below you) said, it’s a “chemical imbalance that can come about by long term stressors.” There are plenty of people who have faith who are also suffering from depression.
    And the way you worded your comment sounds like you’re preaching about god.
    6 days, honestly?

  16. i hate # 2. reminds me of a complete douche i know. #5 made the most sense to me even though he kept repeating the same phrase…it actually sorta works if you know how to work with it.

  17. In my readings i ve come across a very valid point. Depression is a lack of faith. i find it very true- one has to have a strong support system, whether if its faith in your own strength, or a friend, family..perhaps God. Without faith, its hard to regain control and get out of depressive mind frame. the world has been created in 6 days, can we mortals switch to positive thought even if it takes us a few months to do so..? :)

  18. …the chemical imbalance that can come about by long term stressors (even after the stressors have gone away), the neurological development of the brain (eg, the reptilian brain in the case of complex PTSD), dysfunctional relating patterns or consequences relating to choices influenced by all of the above. For someone with clinical depression, they actually need to be stablise by medication before they can gain any real benefit from cognitive therapy



    Hi there.

    Depression, like most mental illnesses/disorders, often isn’t as simple as one cause and effect. What may start out as one problem brings about other things that, whilst they may be symptoms of the original problem, become problems in and of themselves. So whilst it may be easy to say “go back and deal with the time you experienced X trauma” (presuming this is what you mean by “root issue”), processing that event does not suddenly reverse…

  20. @RUSSKAYAG Dude, what the fuck is your problem?

  21. Medical point of view on the negative thought and depression is that they don’t know how it starts and they don’t know an exact cure. Okay! I know they try to suppress everything with pills. The doctors have to eat too lol big no! pills cannot cure depression, they only suppress the symptoms! There is no medicine out there that would ever cure any emotional or mental disorder. You have to cure the root of the problem. Why did one’s negative thinking start? When? What caused it? look in the root!

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  23. Fuck.
    I actually was hoping for some help from this, and now I’m just much more depressed.

  24. Touch Learn Go . Com , is a good site for those who have problem with depression.

  25. @kongoleze Quoting someone who has a vested interest in supporting an idea doesn’t make it true. Physical strength has very little value to me, and so I’m extremely happy despite my deficiency.

    @jairokg You’re doing it right

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    You like realistic games that takes more of youre skills?
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    You like spraying enemy s fast and dont walk to long.
    Then MW2 is something for you.

  27. @Myffe77 Good player dont play hardcore only.

  28. Bad company 2 is so much more Intelligent than MW2

    I espscially loved it when my MW2 firend played BC2 and started going like “WTF? whya re the bullets so slow? why are they dropping?”

  29. so much better than mod. better graphics an better gameplay not quick scoping nerds looking for kill streaks and have no tactics lol

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