How to Do Magic Tricks

Professional magician shows you step-by-step how to do amazing magic tricks. 100% FREE and you’ll be doing magic today.
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50 Responses to “How to Do Magic Tricks”

  1. dam
    if your gunna say how the trick is done you suck
    youtube is slowly killing magic


  3. i mean keep

  4. at step 7 he never pass the ball to the other hand,he just jeep the ball on his hand easy

  5. shut UP … ur sow very noisy… DO your magic mada faka…….

  6. wow he never shut the hell up for the first 1min

  7. pretty cool but i know how he did it thou

  8. I know how he did it… easy

  9. u palmed it =P

  10. num entenduh nadaaaaaaaaa

  11. well its has now been 31 minutes, and nope, I’m still not doing the trick (then again Im not trying to)haha…I’ll try it eventually, someday, maybe, probably not.

  12. saw how u did it =)


  14. he never gave the left ball to the rigth hand, both balls was in the same hand all the time.
    *( i DIDNT WATCH tut) *

  15. nine and teeeeeeaaaaaaaaan nice:)

  16. more then 1 minute yapyap

  17. Hey
    He is the way the truth and the life
    no man comith unto the father but by life

    good trick

  18. u should put the url in the discription

  19. where do u get sponge balls

  20. ZzzzZZzzzZZzzzZZZzzZZZzzZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  21. thts why its called a basic trick

  22. cool dude im gonna check out your website! :) I would love to learn some tricks because i only now 4 😛

  23. look up
    The Four Aces – “The Playful Aces”

    and also
    The Four Aces – “Deck Penetration”
    (click on the first one) they are pretty sweet don’t be afriad to subscribe.

  24. dude…this is supposed to be obvious-it’s hella fucking easy cuz it IS the easiest ball trick you can learn-much harder and better illusions take more practice and require this method and much more to carry out! you say this sucks because he’s trying to give you routines while teaching you the foundation for much better and more eye-pleasing tricks with balls. so just stfu about saying how bad this is…

  25. there are really only 3 steps you need to remember…first four are showing your hands; 6-8 are the flesh and bones of this trick-it is the placement of the ball while making it look like you passed it and picking up the second ball…

  26. Dear lllunatix , the Base Method remains the same even if the number is above 19 ( that is in 20s ). However for ease of calculation, it is recommended you use Base20.
    To learn how to use Base20 pls watch the 3rd EasyCal Video on glad2teach website (link is given below this video )

  27. Thanks sooo much!

  28. i tried this with numbers above 19 and it doesnt work, do you have a different method for numbers >19

  29. I love Math.. And I gotta say.. I love it even more with that “Smarter Way” Method. Thank you so much sir.

  30. When a number is that close to ten (11,12,13,14) i multiply the number by ten and then multiply the other number by the remainder left than ten

    So for example: 12×14, ill do 12×10=120 and then the remainder to ten(4) and multiply it by 4 so 12×4= 48 then add them: 120+48=168

  31. thanks you so much sir

  32. good math except when at the top it says “all 30 videos” when you only have 6

  33. @EbuniMisses Another faster way is 5×5=25, then take the 2 from one 25 and add 1 to another 2, which makes 2×3. Thus, you get 6. 625 is the anwser.
    Another example, 75×75
    put the numbers together and you get 5625. This only applies to numbers with the same tenths and 5. XD

  34. Do you have some tricks about exponentiation?
    PS Thanks a lot!

  35. You are awesome.

  36. @Juultjuh i take back what I ‘ve said…
    how do you do 56 times 17 ? using this method

  37. 10 x 12 = 120 3 x 12 = 36 120+36 = 156. Thats how I usually do it.

    x = multiply

  38. wauuw you should earn an nobel price

  39. @oomskaap
    Remembering the base as 10, so 20 is +10 from that.
    therefore, for solving 15×20:
    add 10 to 15 to get 25.
    Now we need the last digit, so we multiply the two “ends”
    5×10 = 50
    since we only have one digit left, 0 is the digit we use and 5 is the reminder to be added to the second digit. So we have the digits [2] [5+5] [0]
    = [2] [10] [0]
    which caries over to”
    [3] [0] [0]
    So the answer is 300.

  40. Why why WHY wasn’t I taught this in school. It would be so much easier.

  41. and what is the easy method for the bigger numbers? look like this method seem to work only 1x X 1x

  42. i think you should skip the whole of first part. it was a waste of time=.= you should just skip to the faster way instead

  43. @oomskaap to use this method the base for both numbers must be 10.

  44. Thank you glad2teach your awesome, in math class i feel my head if as it were a super calcuator.=)

  45. emm.. whats 15 x 20 ? using this method

  46. Thank you very much glad2teach, You are very helpful to me. Its amazing how much you like maths like you said about the number plates.

    Cool Video!

  47. Thank you very much glad2teach, you are very helpful to me. I enjoy watching your videos. Its amazing how much you like maths like you said about the number plates.

    Cool Video!

  48. I just did this:

    13 * 10 = 130
    2 * 13 = 26

  49. Hey great job man. Excellent technique. Never thought of it that way. Makes perfect sense.

    I’ve been using my own personal (more basic) method of splitting these multiples into smaller, easier to handle multiples(5 and 10) and subtracting/adding whatever difference.

    Lets say 48×16 for example :

    48 x 16 = (48 x 10) + (48 x 5) + (48 x 1)

    = 480 + 240 + 48

    = 768

    Or 48 x 14 for example :

    48 x 14 = (48 x 10) + (48 x 5) – (48 x 1)

    = 480 + 240 – 48

    = 672

    It’s more primitive I guess. Lol.

  50. Are you writing on a touchcase with a pen??? or sth