How to Draw a Realistic Eye

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25 Responses to “How to Draw a Realistic Eye”

  1. i really don’t have talent on drawing but i really love to see someone draw especially the eyes… i am a fan of eyes (sounds weird but true) and i love this eye… can i have this..? :)) more power..!

  2. I would love to se you draw a whole girl (something like a fashion sketch) please <3 You are an awesome drawer :)

  3. thank u this was awesome!!! i really learned alot from this i hope u post more of ur videos teaching gud stuff like this!

  4. amazing, at the begining i was gonna turn it off, nice eye loved it

  5. @Jonebag99 what? I have no idea what you just said. and I’m not bragging. so yes. fuck you.

  6. Mine didn’t turn out as good!!

  7. love your video and talking and drawing and all, but seriously XD
    the “real soon” makes me kinda freaked out! especially when i have my headphones on, it sounds like you’re like right behind me…
    what ever… you’re great! and keep on posting another video, real soon! =P

  8. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. your the master… O.O’

    Sub 😀



  12. that doesn’t look realistic that much

  13. <3 Subscribed.
    The Perfect drawing lessons for me and my new 12wx :D

  14. @OleWhatshisface ooh bragger, ‘they’re these really expensive colours’ ‘well that’s what i use them for’

    well fuck me

  15. AWESOME!!

  16. dude he said at the beginning, he’s using prismacolors, which are these really expensive colored pencils that artists use for blending colors; well that’s what I use them for. they’re so much better than crayola and roseart..,

  17. are u using eyeliner to draw the pics the detailing is really good how bout pencils?

  18. Thank you SO much. i cannot draw for anything and this video has helped me so much. As a beginner drawer, these videos make it real easy for me to understand. My eye did not come out as bad as i thought it would :)

  19. 2:40 reminded me of a pokeball

  20. thank you so much! it went amazing!

  21. I can’t tell. Are you right or left handed

  22. i love the way you say “real soon” 😀

  23. what’s one of you favorite comic and movie from manga Mark crilley

  24. This is so great!

  25. This is so perfect for me, I always mess up when trying to draw eyes :) you’re really really great.