How to Make Yakibuta Ramen (Japanese Noodle Dish with Roasted Pork Ribs)

Ingredients for Ramen – Japanese noodle dish originated in China (serves 2) – Yakibuta – 500g Pork Ribs (17.6 oz) Green Part of Welsh Onion A Small Piece of Ginger 4 tbsp Soy Sauce 2 tbsp Sake 1 tbsp Brown Sugar ** Boil down the pork ribs soup until the volume is less than 300cc (1 1/4 us cups). – Seasoned Soft-Boiled Eggs – 2 Eggs (65g-70g/2.29oz-2.47oz) 1 tbsp Soy Sauce 1 tbsp Sake 1 tbsp Mirin ** Season the eggs for several hours at a room temperature or keep them in a fridge overnight. – Toppings – 12cm White Part of Welsh Onion (5 inch) 80g Spinach (2.82oz) Narutomaki – Cylindrical Kamaboko Menma – Condiment Made from Dried Bamboo Shoots Toasted Nori – Dashi Stock – 1200ml Water (5.07 us cup) 10g Dried Sardines (0.353 oz) 10x5cm Dried Kombu Kelp (4×2 inch) 2 Bags of Raw Ramen Noodles 2 tsp Chicken Stock About Music Frederic Chopin – Valse in D-flat major “Minute Waltz” – Op. 64 No. 1 Play by Muriel Nguyen Xuan, recording by Stephane Magnenat Creative Commons
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25 Responses to “How to Make Yakibuta Ramen (Japanese Noodle Dish with Roasted Pork Ribs)”

  1. why do u cut the egg with a string? Easy with a knife

  2. @StupidMarioPlaya hahahaha can’t stop laughing !

  3. és uma merda!

  4. Who watched this video wanting to make ramen, and now after hearing the instructions cant be fucked to do it?

  5. what heat do you boil the eggs? meduim,low,high?

  6. @RoboDuck That was mean. I don’t watch Naruto anymore. ._.

  7. @AnthonyTheMr Stupid Narutard, crawl back into your hole.

  8. @StupidMarioPlaya LOL!!!

  9. I doubt I will ever make this but it was really entertaining to watch nonetheless :) Really love the patient dog haha

  10. Why do you sprinkle papper on the food?

  11. looks like dog food

  12. people think cooking this ramen takes hours lol i make it within 2 to 3 hour and enough for 4 people and it taste great its a great dish for dinner and oden is a great dish for a big dinner during the winter

  13. That looks really tasty! How do they get the dog to not eat anything… My dog would most likely go mental with all that food around him lol:P

  14. @StupidMarioPlaya submerge

  15. Hmm, i think ill just go out and buy some top ramen.

  16. So much work for a 1 serving dish 😐

  17. @sairamash Yeah. Esp. that episode where Naruto has SUPER TOPPINGS O_O!

  18. @luimartinE What’s gravitation?

  19. This is even more complicated than the most complicated dish in my country! :) Question: Why didn’t you use gravitation to get rid of the pork fat at the begining? you can pour that off you know… :)

  20. Yummy, Dog Soup

  21. @StupidMarioPlaya lol! hahaha

  22. Made it! Eggs and slow-cooking aside, it only took a couple of hours. I had to leave out some of the toppings and substitute smaller pork ribs and frozen spinach, and I used granulated bonito dashi instead of sardines, but the soup was still delicious! I’m going to eat the leftovers for lunch :)

  23. @1997milesaway but it tasted like heaven and then sum

  24. This reminds of Naruto.

  25. D: yo kiero ramen TT.TT