iPad Vs Netbooks

michaelsherlock.com iPad naysayers bash the tablet and say they can spend a lot less money and purchase a netbook. Unfortunately, these individuals have never used a netbook. They are underpowered, awkward, and difficult to use. When you compare the two devices, it becomes clear the iPad is a better choice for ease of use, portability, and media playback. For exclusive content follow me on twitter at http
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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25 Responses to “iPad Vs Netbooks”

  1. While i do agree with some people that say the ipad is newer, but it is a good video. he could have done a win7 computer, but he is obviously not made of money(he can talk, money cant) . It boils down to preference and if you want a fuller expirence or not. An ipad will be better than netbook for note taking, but A netbook is OK too. i also agree he is a little bit biased, but i enjoyed this video. thanks

  2. When going for note-taking there was something you didnt pick up on: It took you a while to find notepad, where as Notes was literally one tap away.

  3. omg thanks so much, i have a choice between a laptop/netbook and a Ipadfor xmas, and i was seriously considering a laptop/netbook instead, because i didnt really think the ipad would be that reliable. but thanks to the wonders of youtube, i was wrong! thanks so much :)

  4. IPad is amazing

  5. @MrEfeson hahahha! He has the FORD PINTO of netbooks!

  6. @NinkaPanda no!

  7. My €299,- netbook still has a lot more to offer than a €489,- 16GB (LOL) iPad.
    I also like my 3 USB ports and physical keyboard, and of course the 250GB HDD and removable batterypack.
    The larger screen and faster processor also adds.

  8. Netbooks wins. Windows>mac

  9. at 4:53 he says “ipad” instead of “netbook”

  10. Then why didnt you do a goddamn cold boot then?

  11. Comparing apples and bananas 😉 your way off mate. but your religion is Apple so there is no way you would call Ipaidtomuch a bad choice.
    comparing the Ipad with netbook that is way older is really bad.
    oh why dont you try to run a flash app on the ipad ?
    or why dont you install a full office app. like the free Open office ?

  12. Did you fricking stick ur ipad in the sand?

  13. Why do u says the crappiest looking notepad..

  14. LOL you said now lets do the same on the iPad here and switched over to the netbook

  15. Ctrl+(+,-/scroll-pad/scroll-button) = zoom
    Microsoft one-note is pretty cool, it saves notes automatically.
    Considering how the net-book costs quite a bit less AND uses somewhat simpler parts, it’s doing quite a bit what with the desktop and taskbar programs running.
    I lol’d at the iPad keyboard, I can’t imagine reaching anywhere around 70wpm on that thing.

  16. Read your own text at the beginning of the vid. Then look at your title. If you are comparing the iPad to a Netbook you own, then change it to iPad vs Lenova Ideapad S10. Not only are you deliberately trying to deceive people, but you generalize. Your title says iPad vs Netbooks. As in plural. You go to school right? How come you’re so stupid?

  17. You’re getting hate because you are comparing a new iPad to an old netbook and generalizing. Why don’t you make a video comparing a computer to a typewriter? Maybe you might get it then.

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  19. The netbook cant multitask? look how many programs you had in the corner! but ipad for the win agaisnt regular netbooks. ion netbooks are slightly better than ipads though.

  20. The iPad wins of course its better less buggy nicer looks better more light weight and it will have multitasking in November ios4.2 will be out

  21. The netbook running Windows, a full-featured desktop OS with much higher specs is more limited than an oversized iPod Touch running an OS that was originally made for a cell phone? No matter how you put it, thats what it comes down to.

    I was thinking about buying a netbook for the cruise to the Bahamas I am going on in March because I am afraid my laptop might get stolen, but then it occurred to me that I would never use it again after, so I decided to go w/ an Android powered smartphone.

  22. @NinkaPanda Apple has fashioned up, iwork . com and you can store your documents on it and download it to your iPad. I use it all the time.

  23. shitdows will always be like that just shit, ipad apps need 50mb of memory and just 20 or 30 mb of ram to run well, windows apps need gb’s of storage, and 2gb to run well.

    ipad in the statistics graphic’s it’s killing notebooks, think about it agrarian and archaic little minds . . .

  24. thumbs up if you thumbed down

  25. @Nethertar gotta love all those winfans xD