Laptop Battery Hack

Dead laptop battery? Don’t buy a new one…hack the old one! I’ll show you how! Check out my other vids: Connect with my Facebook app:

I answer the common question of does the ipad take the place of a netbook and/or a laptop. In my opinion anybody that does anything more then just web browsing, watching video, emailing, and pictures needs something more then an ipad. IMPORTANT! i got a dailybooth, check it out: My Twitter: WHYxxxONtheFLY channel:

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25 Responses to “Laptop Battery Hack”

  1. did this hack today worked great on my Hi-Grade Notino C2400 laptop!

  2. @RunnerReign sucks for you

  3. @TheIphone4thewin i think he really love his cats

  4. Uhm dude why aren’t you giving credit to your cat for all of these hacks?

  5. @iparty999 -.- THAT HASN’T WORKED FOR LIKE 2 MONTHS!!!

  6. 162 PPL WILL NOT SAVE 70$.

  7. @imjewish121 an awesome nerd, he saved me like 80 bucks with this

  8. @gammerguy447 the batteries have been overused and won’t hold a charge……….

  9. 0:01 for ad skip

  10. @gammerguy447 dude he can’t the battery’s are too dead they can’t be chaged

  11. you are great man

  12. Gud vid and cool tchneik but couldnt u save all ur moneyz bai just chargong it?

  13. Owch you dick couldent you just say dont do it

  14. @imjewish121
    You should thank him, He’s probably 10x as smart as you.

  15. you talk like the speech demo on pc omg dude your so a nerd

  16. you know what i heard? blah blah internet blah blah something about door and saving stuff…

    my point? YOU TALK TOO FAST!!!!!

  17. Too bad that Gateway had a problem with the mother board and it won’t recharge the batteries when they go dead. I bought a new battery for mine only to find out that once it dies, thats it.
    Nice hack though, I’m going to try it on my Sony – (that’s right, no more Gateways for me).

  18. Hi! Great job!!! Would you please tell us how to resset the chip? I have 3 cell LI battery 2 are death but the chip reports too many cycles and I need to resset it! There is lot of software staf costing to much money. Thanks in advance!

  19. too bad this wouldnt work on a mac… or wud it?

  20. how did u become so smart?

  21. @thefogg just a minute, i’m looking for a screwdrive O.o

  22. @Legoman0323 actually one of those batterys have been recorded to act like grenades O_o

  23. @uzernam302 so true im glad we think on hte same level… instead of all the people out there that are going to kill themselves trying O_o

  24. @Kazic5000 yeah you can it will just cost alot more 1 battery that will cost about 60-100 dollars can hold bout 1hrs charge so it would be like 300-400 depending on how many cell you got (cell meaning the batterys like 1 cell would be 1 battery)

  25. @alexhiny2006 why dont you crack a laptop battery and find out yourself