Microsoft Courier – Microsofts New Tablet Courier PC

visit my blog: Check out Courier from Microsoft. This is a new tablet PC that has yet to be released to market. I found the video on Mircosoft Courier Tablet PC
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Microsoft Courier – Microsofts New Tablet Courier PC”

  1. @harley22x i hate iPad as much as the next guy, but remember the last time microsoft tried making a cool new product(the zune hd)? Microsoft NEVER updated it, made it impossible for anyone to easily put custom apps on it, and TO THIS DAY it has a total of 8 apps in it’s marketplace. Microsoft SUCKS at almost everything they do. Windows 7 being the one exception in a long time.

  2. i can’t wait~~~when will it be released?????

  3. i want one….when can i start buying it out alredy?

  4. The fact that the courier got discontinued has me crying in my sleep every single night. I started saving up for it when i heard the first rumors and now, microsoft, my dreams are shattered :(

  5. Wow! if micrsoft was this innovative and UI friendly all the time i would happily piss apple away forever. Of course most of these ideas are just following Apples UI innovations, buts thats fine by me. I am in favor of whoever has a better product for a reasonable price. I dont care if they straight rip that shit off, steal ideas or infringe 1000 patents to make it. Its not my problem.

    But personally this is the kind of innovation i would like to see from google more than microsoft.

  6. Will they every design a Tablet for engineers? for designing and building circuits and performing quick simulations?

  7. this is never hitting the stores is it?

  8. @tubilar111 Mostly advertisement… How many times have you seen an Apple commercial -.- and how many times, have you seen an advertisement for this? next to 0. Asus, and MSI are coming out with some great new Windows 7 Slates. still in the making, lots of bugs to fix yet.

  9. @aliaslucifer No, actually its not for Cheap Skates, its for people who need something like this for keeping notes, quick web browsing, and keeping track of personal, and business life.

  10. this is earlier then the ipad…

  11. that is really shit to big in pocket

  12. I HATE apple!

  13. @harley22x Agreed GO MICROSOFT! 😛

  14. when are we gnna see 6th sense computing?

  15. This looks so cool, I have never seen anything like this before, It is nothing like an iPad its great to see that another company have thought of something original rather than stealing ideas from bigger successful businesses.
    I am only assuming that this is for the people who are either cheap skates or just prefer copy products?
    How many people slating the iPad actually own one?

  16. How are you make this video please ? thanks

  17. We have to say good bye to books lol

  18. @tubilar111 The iPad exists. This never will..

  19. So what’s the big deal with the iPad? this is much better then that apple!


  21. I’m a Linux / Windows user, and really enjoy freedom to choose. I am soooo disappointed with the iPad, but am soooo happy to see this. It looks sooooo much better than iPad, especially for what I need and use.

  22. boring

  23. I’m impressed, the number of extremely boring things you can do with this. Amazing marketing.

  24. Cancelled :(

  25. @tnoyy34rt OpenVMS hasn’t ever been useful outside of the enterprise market. NT may be similar to OpenVMS as far as the kernel is concerned, but not as far as the operating system as a whole. At all.