Netbook Comparison

Netbook Comparison

Netbooks have become very popular these days, as they are cheap and light to carry. Hence it is commonly seen, that there is netbook vs laptop comparison made, before one decides to buy a laptop computer or a netbook. Netbook is a good option for people, who want to use their machine just for basic computing needs on the move. The market of netbooks is changing on a day to day basis and there is a huge variety of models, which a consumer can choose from. Hence, it is important that one carries out netbook comparison before the decision on buying the netbook is made. There are different parameters, which can become a part of netbook comparison guide. It can range from processor, to battery, to screen size, etc.

Criteria for Netbook Comparison

Netbook is the best solution for business and school, as they are big enough to do real work, yet small enough to travel effectively and use anywhere and everywhere. It has smaller than standard keyboard, but legible screen and plenty of room for files. When one starts comparing various netbooks, there is a comparison of certain vital features. These features are important for people, who want an effective, feature rich computer, which they can carry around.

Netbook Processor Comparison
Although netbooks may look small, they do pack a lot of power in them. Powerful processors are necessary for intense software. The netbook may not necessarily be a game player, but it should be able to process video, music and software, which is memory and processing intensive. 1.66 Ghz is a good processor to start off with. Most netbooks have a similar processor. There are also certain processors launched in the market, which are meant for small computers.

Netbook RAM Comparison
It is with the help of RAM, that you can work on a number of files or programs without stressing the system. If you are planning to be gaming on your netbook, then it is recommended, that you do not opt for one, as gaming is not a strength with netbooks. However, you will not face problems, if you run several other applications on the netbook. Although, most netbooks do come with 1 GB of RAM, it can be upgraded up to 2 GB, if required. It is necessary, that the netbook RAM should be DDR2, which is typical for all notebook computers and if upgradeable has 1 DIMM slot to insert additional 1 GB RAM chip.

Netbook Hard Drive Comparison
More storage is necessary if you use a number of software for business and also have big files. When you plan to buy a netbook, it is necessary, that you get a big hard drive. You may use external hard drive for supplementing storage capacity, but a big hard drive is any day better. Triple digit GB storage is available, hence should be opted for.

Netbook Operating System Comparison
Computer operating system is different for different models. Hence you will have to decide, which would you want to opt for. There is Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, as well as Ubuntu available. If you are working on a constrained budget, you may want to opt for Ubuntu or Windows XP.

Netbook Screen Size and Resolution Comparison
Netbooks necessarily do have smaller screens. Some users are vary of using too small screens, but most of the models have clear screens, which give more than sufficient surface area to see, which is what you are actually doing, when you have multiple windows open. A good screen size needs to be around 10 inches, i.e. measure of the screen from top left corner to bottom right corner.

Netbook Battery Life Comparison
After the screen size and resolution, battery life is also an important point in netbook comparison. All of us are aware, a portable computer lives and dies by its battery. You may not always have the facility to plug-in, when you are on the road, and you may not want to deal with your computer dying on you at a critical time. Hence, like is the case with laptop battery, you will have to check, which of the netbook battery lasts long.

Netbook Price Comparison
This is an important point in the comparison, especially for students on a budget or for businesses, who are issuing netbooks to multiple staff members. It is best to have a netbook, which does everything necessary, but does not cause a big hole in the pocket. Around 0 is a good standard for a netbook to start off with.

These were the important points in netbook comparison, which might help you make your decision about, which netbook to opt for. There are some other points as well, like built-in Wi-Fi, optical drive, etc. If these are also your requirement, then you will have to include them in the netbook comparison chart as well. is everyone’s one-stop battery store for ACER Netbook Battery, COMPAQ Netbook Battery, Dell Netbook Battery, FUJITSU Netbook Battery,HP Netbook Battery,HP COMPAQ Netbook Battery,TOSHIBA Netbook Battery,LENOVO Netbook Battery,SONY Netbook Battery and MSI Netbook Battery,all our batteries, adapters are 100% satisfation guarantee and 100% brand new with 1 year warranty!

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Netbooks seem to be growing in popularity this year, but ever wonder what they have over a notebook or vice versa? Can’t decide which one to get? Albert goes into detail to help you choose which one is right for you, stay tuned.
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