Netbook math enrichment at Rev. Brown School

Netbook math enrichment at Rev. Brown School

Rev. Brown School in Sparta has created a Math Enrichment Program which has increased math education by 20 percent for all grades. The school is incorporating netbook computers to facilitate interactive programs such as Acellus, Shodor and AAA Math. The students will have their daily classes in mathematics, but they now have a once per week additional self-paced mathematics class using the …
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Netbook demand still being crimped by iPads: study

Despite Microsoft’s claims to the contrary, netbook interest is still at an all time low, ChangeWave said in a study on Tuesday. Just 14 percent of those planning to get a portable in the next 90 days wanted to get a netbook. While a slight bounce back from an all-time low in August, the figure is well below a peak of 24 percent interest in June 2009 and below the 18 percent from January, when …
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Jonny Evans – Microsoft admits iPad IS killing netbook market

I’ve said it before now I’m saying it again, the iPad is indeed cannibalizing netbook sales. For proof, you don’t have to ask Best Buy’s boss, nor do you have to listen to the analysts, you just need to speak with Microsoft, which now admits the iPad is killing the netbook market.
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