Pencil Trick (Tutorial)

After numerous requests for help, I’ve made a “how to” for the pencil trick video. This trick looks like magic, but it’s actually very simple to learn. I recently made a better tutorial video for the pencil trick here: Many people learn this trick right on the spot. Others have a lot of trouble figuring it out. There dosen’t seem to be any middle ground so in other words it seems that you either can do it -OR- no matter how hard you try, you can’t do it. Which category do you fit into? Can you make the magic happen?
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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50 Responses to “Pencil Trick (Tutorial)”

  1. still can’t do it

  2. TIP #1: Right hand: just don’t release – left hand: grab the pen on the very right end (go over your right hand)

  3. Can you make like ummm a slower slower slOWEr tutorial?

  4. go slower i tried to follow but my hands got stuck!!

  5. thats fucking easy

  6. lol my sience club teacher taught us how to do this today

  7. im like, ok i get it. then you said banana, i was like WTF?

  8. yeahhh I CAN DO IT in so so 5 to 10 mints jajajaj it was easy

  9. yeahhh I CAN DO IT in so so 5 to 10 mints jajajaj it was easy

  10. yeahhh hahaha got it!

  11. still cant do it lol

  12. haha tht shit was funny THIS IS GAYYYY

  13. got it
    fuck ya birtchts’

  14. WTF.?????? Gayyyyyyyyyyyy,!!!!!!!!! >=|


  16. Respond to this video…
    wow, easy :) took like 30 seconds

  17. this shit is fucking gay dude get a life
    dumb ass

  18. this shit is fucking gay dude get a life
    dumb ass

  19. this shit is fucking gay dude get a life

  20. this shit is fucking gay dude get a life

  21. 10 mins i was like GOD DAMN IT THIS IS F*CKING IMPOSIBLE ! on minute 12 i am like – omfg thats so damn simple o.O

  22. @TheMotorSouldier why so angry troll

  23. i learned that in 3rd grade… people are idiots

  24. he starts out lying to everyone to put it blatently. your hand does lose grip of it because you’re actually rotating the pencil 180 degrees. when you turn your left hand back slide it under your thumb, grab the end of the pencil and then rotate your right hand around it grabbing the other end with your right thumb and finishing with the pencil on the bottom

  25. Lol,that is easy,when do you try it like 10 minutes u can do it :)

  26. hahaha i cant stop laughing! double fail!

  27. sounds like a pig XD

  28. double fail?


  29. man hes good

  30. don’t mess with a lampshade!

  31. @shurikanslay3r exactly what I was saying XD


  33. you gotta love how right at the end if you listen carefully you can hear him moan

  34. this fag got to much time on his hands, i feel for you cause you will never know what pussy tasts like. sorry buddy

  35. fucking dumbass.

  36. 0:37

  37. YUU MA YUUU loool

  38. It was pretty badass until he had touch the pen. Dumbass…

  39. i laugh so damn hard every time i was like wow yeah u throwed a pen into the lamp yeah fail but then when he was bout to get it out i burst into laughter LOL

  40. omfg did u just see that glasss shadder

  41. Hey the powers still on!!! lets touch the fuckin thing!!! LMAO

  42. 1170 people got electrocuted.

  43. fakee

  44. 0:38 OOUUUOOOOO!!!

    – pen guy


  46. LMfaoooO!, ever thought of pressing off/ unplugging it first?:P

  47. @Pocccomaxa Im pretty sure :38 is japanese

  48. HAHAHAHA that was epic XD


  50. lmfao. xD He has wayyyyyy too much time on his hands:P