A parody of 1950 educational and government propaganda videos.
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Breastfeeding doesn’t come easy to every new mother. A lactation consultant gives us some important advice that may make getting started a whole lot easier. Working with, American Baby, Parents Magazine, Family Circle and Check it out at
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 Responses to “PMS SURVIVAL TIPS”

  1. Feel free to go to date a naughty women here you go ** **

  2. @seandroid true that

  3. @mido4life LOL! SORRY! didn’t mean to scarr you for life buddy! I was just telling this one person who was commenting rude things to be sympathetic cause periods are a real horrid thing! :)

  4. @sonotquiet OMG I just read half of your comment, and I probably wont ever look at girls the same way again. lol

  5. and guys, sometimes we’re just pissed off and its not pms, so watch out! :)

  6. It is 10 days before, it is during, and it is after also :) … but medically, PMS stands for the luteal phase before the bleeding and manifests in emotional symptoms, not physical. Not saying that there are no physical symptoms, but they don’t fall under ‘PMS’ so the emo swings, tantrums and moodiness is not associated… As a girl, I am saying it is useful to know this because you can control it better. Also for men to have their calendars sorted 😀

  7. haha this is true y is there sooo many pubs on the sink damm…

  8. this is so true. i get pissed at anything when im on my pms

  9. @turboaltered Look we all know what pre means but as a girl I can asure you that it is also during.

  10. oh yes…pms is a scary shit:(
    just one simple word can turn female into beast!!!

  11. I feel ya but a lot of girls use PMS as an excuse to be a total bitch.

  12. ERGG cramp…. BITCH WHERES MY TACOS??…. thanks love <3 :D...GO FUCK YOURSELF HUN!!. <---- me today at school. yup. PMS.

  13. @sonotquiet I don’t need a vagina to understand the definition of PRE. Get yourself a dictionary and look up the word PRE.

  14. @turboaltered u know exactly what i mean…. cramping and hormonal issues last throughout the whole ordeal. the actual menstruation is just icing on the cake. are you a woman? no! are u making statements about something u have never experienced and never will understand???hmmm, looks like it

  15. @sonotquiet Heavy bleeding is not a PMS symptom – P in PMS stands for PRE, which means BEFORE!

  16. 1565 people experiencing PMS.

  17. @turboaltered nohoohooo man…. pms symptoms (cramping, heavy bleeding, hormonal) happen DURING as well… hormones and sometimes cramping also happen LEADING up to like you said, makes it even worse

  18. 1565 people are women

  19. @sonotquiet That would only make sense if PMS occurred at the same time as those other symptoms, but PMS occurs 10 days before. It’s all about the hormones.

  20. @pastulio007 My girlfriend asks me why I can’t be more like Tom Brady or James Bond. LOL

  21. @unwelcomeguest You’re exactly right. My girlfriend is (as she describes it) frustrated, disappointed, sad, angry and sometimes mean, but it’s always 8-10 days before flowing starts. What’s really interesting is that about 8 days after flow starts, she cries and feels sad and lonely for 1-2 days.

  22. Many women mistakenly use the word PMS to describe the discomfort DURING the period and the physical stuff like bloating… PMS is roughly ten days BEFORE the bleeding starts and it manifests in non-physical symptoms “stress, anxiety, difficulty in falling asleep (insomnia), headache, fatigue, mood swings, increased emotional sensitivity, and changes in libido”… SO in order to help men get their calendars right, this is NOT DURING THE PERIOD, but during 10 days prior to menses!

  23. @sonotquiet guys are the one who have to listen to you complain about it so we deserve more slack

  24. if any female here has Dysphoria which is associated with PMS then come to my channel on how to cure these problems.Stay Healthy

  25. I never act that evil HAHA.

  26. Good advised..:) i thot might be difficult to b-feed a bb

  27. lol 4:36 the baby gives the rude finger

  28. i wanna be a lactation consultant

  29. really useful

  30. @ifuckedyourbitchs You are SO immature. This video wasn’t made to be “hot”, it was made to give tips on breastfeeding.

  31. see 1:41 the baby’s pointing the middle finger ….

  32. Not a terrible video. Some good tips on positioning, however, scheduled feeding is generally not good advice for a new mother. Instead, try breastfeeding as often as baby needs. This way baby has more chance to thrive based on his/her individual needs. I also recommend contacting La Leche League International LLLi . org if you have concerns or need other advice.

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  35. @helenaf007 Thanks that is helpful, i hope it goes smoothly when baby comes!

  36. this is a very helpful video to new mom and to be moms

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  39. Giggity!

  40. minutes, minutes minutes… I Was so stressed because all of those numbers nurses would give me the first days. After my first check up I knew my baby was eating enough. His weight told us he was perfect and I only fed him 5/10min (MAX) on only 1 breast per feeding, and after 4h I would do the other breast. Do what your feeling tells you to do. Eliminate stress and drink a lot :-) Now he’s 4months and 17lbs, on breastmilk only 😉

  41. s0 r0becca i breastfeed my baby s0n fr0nt 0f my biger s0n

  42. see 4:36

  43. hehe this is just educational . so do not think sexually

  44. …and mom’s with larger brests. I kinda like that!

  45. @shooshalove1 Someone who have money for it, I think ….

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  47. that baby going to town

  48. i wish i was that baby

  49. There’s nothing more beautiful than woman feeding her child naturally.

  50. this is education -thks for sharing