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Question by ramonmendoza@myspace.com: Laptop ….. . . . . . …. … . . . .. . . .. ..?
I want a simple travel laptop. I have a desktop, so the laptop duznt need to b big, loaded with features, or purpose specific necessarily. Xcept to travel. I want to shop online preferably.
The features I want and things I want it to do :
-Microsoft Word
-Microsoft Excel
-Microsoft Vista
-Internet surfin
-Play DVDs
-Play CDs
-Yahoo and MySpace IM
-Default games
-Long battery life
-Long life of the laptop
I dont need a large harddrive bcuz I plan on using memory sticks and pocket harddirves for large files, but I atleast want 180G’s just incase. I want a decent graphics card for movies and some games from online. I wont plan “PC” games on it tho.
If any1 can recommend a specific laptop that would b awesome, or an online store also. Thanx.

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Answer by cool guy
vaio is really gud coz its small…..or an IBM coz that us cheap but im not sure about 180 gig on a small laptop……
just go on google and type in ‘vaio’ or ‘ibm’ laptops

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2 Responses to “Q&A: Laptop ….. . . . . . …. … . . . .. . . .. ..?”

  1. cool guy gave you a good answer. try to set your goal to an 80gb hard drive. if u are curious i use an acer aspire 5630-6288. i like it but i bought it on sale. you can always buy a memory card or usb flash. these items are helpful

  2. I recommend HP pavilion DV series. The 9000 is really nice.


    this one does everything you’re looking for at a nice price :)