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Question by ???? Taylo: Netbook? ?
I am thinking of getting a ASUS 8.9″ Eee 4GB PC Netbook Computer with Linux from Target. Do you have one of these? What do you think of it? Do you like it?

Could I like write papers on it and like do homework and stuff on it? Also what colors does it come in?

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Answer by landonsmommii
ASUS is a great company…. never heard anything about their Laptops but there other PC products are great.
With Linux most of the software(programs) are free……so if all you need is homework stuff I would go with it. Another plus with Linux is it is harder to get viruses because not many ppl use it ya know?

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3 Responses to “Q&A: Netbook? ?”

  1. The Eee PCs are pretty good, but the version of Linux they come with is terrible. If you get it, install another version of Linux on it instead. I’d recommend Easy Peasy (formerly known as Ubuntu-Eee).

    And, yes, you can write papers on it.

  2. The performance won’t be breezy, but you can type papers on it. It just has a smaller keyboard. The available colors that I know they have are black and white. If you look at other places rather than Target, you can find more brands and varieties with more storage space. There’s also a Windows XP version of netbooks. You’d get more for your money this way. The Asus Eee Pc is not the only netbook on the market.

  3. Netbooks to date are designed to do little more than write e-mails, do word processing, and do a little web surfing (streaming HD video is tough). On the plus side they are ultra portable. If you can wait until March or April, I would hold out and get one of the new machines that ASUS is going to be putting out (Eee 1000HE or T91 or T101). These machines will have more power and will have more features. As far as Linux is concerned, Easy Peasy is the best OS for these machines. Windows can be more memory intensive and can be harder on the battery. When Windows 7 comes out it might be a different story, but Linux packs the most features for a smaller “footprint”. Hope this helps and good luck in your decision.

    Also: NewEgg.com (or even Amazon.com at times) might offer a better deal.