Q&A: tablet pc?

Question by me: tablet pc?
do any tablet pc’s have a special pen you can use to wright on the screen while touching it with your hand? like it would only recognise that pen and not other things toughing it? do they have anny good hand wrighting recognition or could you save it in your hand writing?

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Answer by Big H
Yes, a number of them are set up to only recognize the pen (toshiba and gateway that i can say for sure). There is software out tehre which will let you keep notes written in your handwriting, the one that comes to mind first is microsoft Note.

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  1. A tablet PC is a notebook- or slate-shaped mobile computer. Its touchscreen or digitizing tablet technology allows the user to operate the computer with a stylus or digital pen instead of a keyboard or mouse.

    A user can input text using the built-in handwriting recognition, on-screen (virtual) keyboard, speech recognition, or a physical keyboard (if available). Shorthand-like entry methods, which enable pen-driven input at touch-typing speeds, are also available, including AlphaTap and Shark.

    Tablet PCs that include a built-in keyboard are called convertibles or hybrids. Ones that are only a screen with pen are called slates; they can use external wireless or USB keyboards.

    The most popular convertible tablet PCs are the Acer and Toshiba. The most popular slates are the Motion Computing/Gateway Computers, Fujitsu, and HP/Compaq.

    Many Tablet PCs use a Wacom digitizer, which delivers pen-position input to the computer at a fast rate. Tablets with these digitizers project a small magnetic field above the screen that interacts with electronics in the tablet’s stylus. The user therefore is able to rest their hand on the screen without affecting the image or mouse pointer; only movement of the stylus affects the mouse pointer. (However, due to interference from other electronics within a tablet PC, many models suffer from “jitter”, which makes some tasks difficult, e.g. slowly drawing straight lines, or writing small characters.) UC Logic and Finepoint make similar digitizers.

    Tablet PCs became available to the general public with the introduction of Microsoft’s Windows Tablet PC Edition in the fall of 2002. Before then they were used in small markets in industry, medicine, and government. Now they are used by students and many professionals.