Q&A: Tablet PC?

Tablet PC
by Cayusa

Question by dewe52: Tablet PC?
Other than the touch screen and the size, what’s the difference of a Tablet PC from Laptops/Notebooks? I’m thinking of getting one.

Specifically, are normal programs not available on a Tablet PC? I saw this demo on the Microsoft site that said it allows you to transfer some of your favorite music from you desktop PC to the Tablet. Does this mean I can’t store my whole library in it? Does a tablet have a DVD-RW or CD-ROM drive?
Is there lower hard drive capacity?

Or is it mostly the same thing?

Hehehe… Thanks in advanced 😉

Best answer:

Answer by Martin Pallickathodu
is it a table laptop

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3 Responses to “Q&A: Tablet PC?”

  1. A tablet PC is nowhere close to a laptop or notebook…

    Go here to get all the details..

  2. Most of the tablets you can buy now are convertibles, meaning you can use them as both a notebook and a tablet. They can do anything a typical notebook can and more. Look for the new SantaRosa chipset to get the better on-board graphics solution, also a built in optical drive is a plus to.

  3. http://www.itwriting.com/tablet.php

    There’s a link you can take a look at. Mainly the same thing, except no mouse/keyboard. No touch sensitive, it’s only touch sensitive to the stylus.