Teens, how do you feel about Miley’s way of ‘growing up’?

Question by ECRcheer?: Teens, how do you feel about Miley’s way of ‘growing up’?
I, personally, miss the old her. I have tons of young cousins who used to look up to her, but now, they don’t because of the way she’s changed so much. She went from having the name “Hannah Montana” to “Slutty Cyrus.”

How do you guys feel about it?

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Answer by Brianna
Immature, juvenile, not growing up. She’s still an immature b i t ch. its not working for her.

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12 Responses to “Teens, how do you feel about Miley’s way of ‘growing up’?”

  1. Meh.

    Kids will be kids.

    Teens don’t think about certain things much.

  2. I think people are just becomig tired of the cliche, over-used image she is portraying now and so they’re all picking on her. I’m pretty sure tons of female child-stars went through the same phase but since society has become so bored of it and Miley is the newest star to go through it we call her ‘slutty’ etc..

    I mean, sexy pics? C’mon every teen does that, it just so happens that Miley is famous, ‘whor-ish’ videos? Every teen wishes they can do one, she just so happens to be able to do it. She’s been labelled as some innocent-girly Disney singer and i know for a fact that in the teen world, Disney is THE lamest, most pathetic thing to watch. Ofcourse she’s gonna want to get away from it, it’s a phase. IMO she’s not even slutty, look at Gaga and Beyonce for Christ’s sake !

    Plus it doesn’t help that she’s a FAMOUS, RICH, SPOILT TEENAGER living in this era, her dad’s Billy Ray Cyrus, her parents just split, she’s gorgeous and she’s gonna want to show it off etc… sorry for the long answer :)

  3. shes too in with the wild croud being personal friends with brittney spears and lyndsey lohan . i think its her parents fault what parent would let there then 16 yr old daughter live alone with a 21 yr old ? boyfriend and give her birth control for that purpose. she has to stop trying to be so cool or grown up. its turning off alot of her fans bcuz the parents dont go for there 9 yr old having a role model that pole dances lap ddances has tatoos a underwear model bf and dresses skimpy saying minor swear words. she really should go back to the old her now disney doesnt want her so her sales sallery has plummeterd she wont be rich forever unless she starts going on playboy or sining with lil wayne

  4. I loved her when I was in second grade when the show started and stopped liking her in 4th grade. Sometimes, I watch it and that’s only because my cousins still LOVE it! In 4th grade she definitely became slutty, just a little bit though. By 5th grade, party in the usa came out at the mtv movie awards, and well she was… a slut.

  5. I think her growing up this way is not only her fault, but her father’s too. I’m 15 now and I will admit that when she first came out, I liked her. Her songs were catchy and fun to listen to with my younger sisters and cousins. But now, her songs aren’t about the stuff they used to be and she doesn’t dress like Hannah Montana anymore. My one sister and cousin can’t stand her anymore. But my youngest sister still likes her because she doesn’t know about the stuff she does.
    But what I was saying about her father is that he has the power to make her stop. He is the adult and he can take control, but he doesn’t. So, he lets her be “Slutty Cyrus” & she takes advantage of the fact that her dad won’t do anything about it. I’m sure he lets her do whatever she wants just because she is making him money.
    I do miss the old her. They say in the music business, you have to change to keep the viewers interested, but I think that she took that a little too far.

  6. She seems even more immature than before. Growing up, my arse.

  7. I don’t feel that she’s being very mature, I think it’s because for us , as teens who aren’t in the spotlight, being mature is working hard for our grades to be sucessful. For her, she’s been doing that since she’s young, so it’s just normal. Then, her version of growing up like her fellow Hollywood adult stars is to be slutty and get the attention of the media.

    But, she should still have a conscience and in touch with reality, considering the fact the other Hollywood teens haven’t gone like that. It’s just disgraceful, if I was her older sister, parent I’d be embarassed of her. I mean, she’s only 17….it’s like “I’m desperate to look all sexy when I’m young”

    It’s just a bit ridiculous, I mean she should first and foremost have some self respect…also since a lot of people will be viewing that and you are in the spotlight, you need to be careful

    I think she knows exactly what she’s doing, she adds fuel to the fire in order to get attention , probably thinks she’s got the body now,might as well make the most of it , media money goes to her pocket

  8. well what i do not like is that she basically went from 0 to 60 instantly.

    She was just doing Hannah Montana, and along the way had a few mishaps like the photoshoots, and i didn’t think any of that was a big deal…

    But as soon as she released the album “I Can’t Be Tamed”, she went crazy.

    I don’t think it is fair to call her a sl*t because of her nose ring, dance moves, or because she was caught kissing her boyfried….those are things that all teenagers do and it’s not abnormal.

    BUT i do not like how her new music video “Who Owns My Heart” looks like something an adult pop singer would do…wearing underwear in the video? i mean c’mon…and I think it is a little stupid of her to get THREE tattoos….the one under her breast is okay i think since it has a meaning but the other two are stupid and naive.

  9. To be honest, I don’t care. Most celebrities abuse their fame and privileges no matter how much they say “I’m so blessed and grateful for everything.” If they want to ruin their life or do stupid stuff to try to prove themselves (which it seems that’s what she’s trying to do) then oh well.

  10. She’s not “growing up”, she’s immature and gross.

  11. i used to love her, and really, i still do :)
    yeah what she wears has changed, but she is still Miley Cyrus!
    ofcourse she will want to get out of disney, she can’t let her live revolve around the disney channel.

  12. I’m just bummed because her interpretation of ‘growing up’ means becoming a whore of some sorts. I’d like to think I’ll come of age without hitting the pole or stripping down to my skivvies or doing a bunch of dudes.