Question by Dusty: Tips…………………….?
Ok…so I’m planning on living in the woods for a time. Does anybody have any survival tips that might come in handy?

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Answer by Sunnee
Don’t eat yellow snow

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6 Responses to “Tips…………………….?”

  1. bring some knifes
    toliet papers

  2. bring supplies :)!

  3. Make sure you bring all your supplys and suficent food. As well a cell phone incase you need medical care. Also a basic survival book you dont want to be secound guessing. Also do not, DO NOT leave food by your fire otherwise you’ll have animals attacking you. Also go with someone else. Never go alone.

  4. Read read read

    Lots of books on living in the outdoors, medical reference book for injurys, outdoor cooking book, boy scout manual and others.

    I would also suggest you see if you can locate a “survival camp” that they train people for religious or other purposes to survive in the mountains without civilization’s usual perks. Best to take a buddy with you, as if you become seriously injured, you may put yourself in harm’s way and end up dying needlessly.

  5. What do you mean in the woods like live in a tent? bring a lot of warm clothes and bug spray.

  6. bring extra socks and something to carry water in. water is most important, but people tend to forget about thier feet til it’s too late. Change socks frequently and taking the extra time to wash both your feet and your socks will make your adventure much more enjoyable