What are good beggining freestyle ski tricks?

Question by Kitten Sniffer: What are good beggining freestyle ski tricks?
Well, I just started to get into freestyle skiing, so I was wondering what are some good basic freestyle ski tricks to learn first? I want to try everything, park, rails, half-pipe. So if someone could give a little information on where to start, and some good beginning tricks that would be great! Thanks! Also, if you could even give me some other helpful tips that aren’t about tricks, but what to look out for, or what to do, then that would also be really helpful.

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Answer by mista louis
Freestyle skiing is great, aslong as you dont do tricks that you are not ready for. I have many friends that have broken bones doing crazy tricks. I would reccomend starting out just hitting jumps going pretty fast, and try to get some air. Once you have done that, try a 180 when ou think you are ready…..Using twin-tip Skis, look to your left or right (whichever side you plan to rotate) as you take off. Bear in mind that you will land backwards. Spot your landing and keep your weight centered. Do not turn forward after you stomp at the landing. You are probobly going to fall the first few times you try, but this doesnt mean that you can not do it. Maybe you could also try some time of trick where you put your skis back and brab them. HOPE THAT HELPED!

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One Response to “What are good beggining freestyle ski tricks?”

  1. Freestyle is something that should be approached with an open mind, a willingness to risk, and a love for fun. Start out just doing straight airs of small and large jumps, getting the feel for making your landings soft, but stomped clean. Then try basic 180’s. If you are more comfortable spinning left, spin right also. I guarantee that if you do both you will progress twice as fast. Then (with twin tip skis obviously) move on to 360s, 540s, and 720s. Remember to continue spinning left and right, leading with your head. Where you look, your body will follow. As for rails and such, practice sliding boxes normally and once you’ve got the hang of that, try doing a switch up on a low rail to minimize injury if you do fall. Eventually you will be doing multiple switch ups and 540s off of rails when you become better. As for an outside tip, visualize your tricks a few hundred times before you do them until you are 100% comfortable with them. Once you are in that state of mind, there’s nothing stopping you. Good luck and hope to see you at the Dew Tour bro!!!