What bboy tricks should a beginner start learning?

Question by timeforlinedari: What bboy tricks should a beginner start learning?
I am a beginner bboy and I want to know some breaking tricks i should start out with.
And do not say coffe grinder, or any footwork. Im more about real tricks.
So yeah please help.
Bboy tricks. breaking.

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Answer by Baila L
Well it depends on what kind of dance you will be doing! you might wanna start with some turns like doubles and singles. just remember if you can do a single you can do as many as you want! and NEVER EVER SAY I CAN’T!

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3 Responses to “What bboy tricks should a beginner start learning?”

  1. There’s not much beginner bboy moves, most of them are like intermediate level.

    these are probably the other beginner moves tat aren’t footwork related
    Baby Freeze

  2. Ohh yuhh, the coffee grinder is a great warmup. ;D
    Nahh, the foot work seems fine for a beginner. Don’t know why you don’t like it.

    Baby Freeze
    Turtle – Cricket
    The 1 step?

    REAL Tricks are mostly power moves.
    Those aren’t beginner moves. 😛

  3. There aren’t really any tricks a beginner should start learning. It’s important to develop a solid base before you get to any powermoves or tricks.

    I’ll just show some progressions you can do to get to some powermoves/tricks.

    3step -> 2step -> Baby swipes (close to same as 2step) -> Swipes -> One legged swipes

    Baby freeze -> Stab -> One handed stab -> Handspins -> Crickets -> Jackhammers -> Darkhammers

    It doesn’t matter if you learn jackhammers or darkhammers first. Both are very difficult however. Jackhammer requires a lot of pumping strength and momentum in one arm. Darkhammers require stabbing with both arms at different times (you need to be ambidextrous)

    Baby freeze -> Stab -> Hang glides -> Windmill -> Coindrop -> Munchmills -> Hop windmills

    Personally I find coindrops harder than windmill because you most often start from standing up. Your preference however.

    Windmills -> Headspin -> Halo -> Hong10 freeze -> Hong10 combos!

    Headspins aren’t necessary but they really help

    Handstand -> One handed freeze -> Two handed handhops -> One handed handhops

    Cartwheel -> Handstand -> 1900s -> 2000s -> Slushes – Elbowspins

    There isn’t much that can prepare you for 1900s or 2000s. They are pretty unique moves

    Cartwheel -> Round off -> Backflip -> Sideflip – flash kick – gainer – kick the moon

    After you learn backflip, the rest are pretty much variants of the technique used in backflips.

    Hope this helps! Email/msg me if you have more questions