What is the best way to learn skateboard tricks?

Question by sk8ergirl4life: What is the best way to learn skateboard tricks?
I just learned to skateboard this past October, but I never learned any tricks because winter arrived. This spring/summer I want to learn to do tricks. What is the best method to learn tricks? Do you have any helpful websites? Also, if you know what tricks I should start out with so I don’t immediately fall & kill myself, that would be much appreciated. Thank you!

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Answer by Sam James Perkins
i bet there’s a website that teaches you.

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5 Responses to “What is the best way to learn skateboard tricks?”

  1. You should learn the ollie first or a pop shuvit. You will fall, its natural. But you should learn by watching videos or reading about it. You can go to


    you can also search for How to ollie and dont click on the youtube but click on wikihow or about.com instead. I learned how to ollie best by reading about it. But yoou can do both if youre the lazy type.

    Hope this helps

  2. Definitely learn pop shuvs and Ollie’s first then everything else kinda comes to you. You should then try ollie 180’s or kickflips after that (kickflips can be very frustrating to learn).
    Just go to youtube and type in how to ollie, how to pop shuvit, etc. There’s gotta be like at least 5 trick trick tip videos on there for every trick that exists.

  3. You should read skate magazines like Thrasher and Transworld and watch videos like the 411 videos.

    You can get them at:


    Also, there is always http://www.youtube.com

  4. watch skate Videos, watch the other dudes rip,….watch skate videos in SLOW-MO,
    but the best thing to do really is to make sure you have fun ..if you’re having fun and goofing around with your friends on your bored and try things that seem silly dumb or just bad ideas will get you more comfertable with it and you’lle learn tricks without even realizing it.

    shred on.

  5. The best way to learn is to figure out your best foot position for each trick and go skate until you land it. some easier tricks to start with are shuv its, ollies, board slides, and then heel flips and kick flips once you get down a solid ollie.