Will all the vista tablet pc components work in XP or ubuntu?

Question by abujabish: Will all the vista tablet pc components work in XP or ubuntu?
I’m using an HP Touchsmart tx2-1020us tablet pc that runs on vista 64 which it came with. I was wondering if I switched to xp or ubuntu if all off the programs for for handwriting recognition and all the other tablet pc components would still work in either one of them. Basically, I can’t stand Vista but I want to keep all the tablet functionality.Thanks.

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Answer by cnshinn
No, they will not work in either XP or Ubuntu.

Linux, I have heard, does have *some* tablet support apps floating around but they are nowhere as comprehensive as what is found in XP or Vista.

MS made many changes to the TabletPC apps in Vista. TabletPC components are now integrated into the Vista OS and are definitely superiors to the XP versions.

In XP, you got WinXP Pro and the TPC components were “shell” apps that ran on top of XP, external to the OS.

On a TPC Vista is definitely the OS to run. Vista is actually quite good. The problem is the third party software developers who have not cleaned up their code to run efficiently or correctly in Vista. And many 3rd party hardware manufacturers have made absolutely horrible device drivers which cause all sorts of problems. I guess that’s what you get when you pay someone in Bangalore /hour to write your drivers…

And you state you have the 64 bit version as well. Way too many software developers have ignored the 64 bit system and stuck writing apps only for the 32 bit OS. That will be your biggest problem…

If you do want to downgrade to XP Tablet Edition you need to know that XP TE was OEM only. You cannot buy the TabletPC version of XP anywhere except from the manufacturers.

If you’re a true geek you can load XP Pro and find all the required apps to create a TPC, but it’s a very difficult task to do so. It’s much easier to contact HP.

My suggestion would actually be to wait for Windows 7 to arrive and upgrade to it. It will fully support the multi-touch screen on the TX2 which XP will not.

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