Canon FS100, Good and Light Camcorder

In its price range, Canon FS100 is a memory card based camcorder which has good picture and sound quality. Besides, if you are in low light situations, you do not have to be afraid because Canon FS100 is facilitated with a White LED spot light. The users also are able to produce high quality videos because of the existence of auto focus.

In addition, the good works of the image stabilisation will make you being able to get good videos.Recordings are amazing because of the good quality of the optical zoom. f you are beginners, don’t be afraid. You can use it. So simple.

And how about the size and weight? Hm, i’s small and light.

The most important thing is you only need some minutes for transferring your recordings from Canon S100 into computers.


  1. The pictures produced by Canon FS100 are good
  2. It has good sound quality
  3. Even, video quality is also excellent
  4. Canon FS100 is light.

Weakness: In low light conditions, it has poor focus

Price : $ 220.3

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