FUJIFILM FinePix S2000HD Digital Camera

FUJIFILM’s new FinePix S2000HD advanced point-and-shoot digital camera is capable of taking photos and video in full HD and has cool features like instant zoom, zoom bracketing, and dual image stabalization. For more information on the newest camera from Fuji, visit: www.fujifilm.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

digitalcamerainfo.com previews the Fujifilm FinePix S100fs, a new camera that simulates Fuji’s well known Provia and Velvia films

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50 Responses to “FUJIFILM FinePix S2000HD Digital Camera”

  1. oh cool : D

  2. YO TENGO LA HS10 me parece bastante buena la fujifilm ,y la panasonic tz10 tambien es buena sobretodo a contraluz incluyen video hd mp4.
    la nikon s6000 es la que le sigue lo detestable es en a oscuridad pero toma buenas fotos y la ixy de canon s200 es mala no la compren los colores muy amarillentos y las imagenes no son tan vivas como las tres anteriores camaras digitales

  3. @it totaly shitt video capturing looks great on the screen of the camera but when using it to edit so way too crack it get pixalised im with you my friend

  4. @Blizzardnz


    High Definition Image capture at 16:9 and Video capture with sound at 720p with HDMI port

  5. i have this


  6. Great features with small figure camera.

  7. Fujifilm have some great cameras.
    *Check my guitar video using a JX530, the quality is very good.

  8. @Jaaakeeeee The HD video format is not a CON, windows movie maker just fails.

  9. @JustinnMonster not hard, i just use Any Video Converter. it’s a free program and it works well

  10. I have this camera.So great.I llove it.!(:

  11. @Jaaakeeeee now, how difficult is it to convert in order to put it in movie maker?

  12. i have one question… is it posible to change lenses?

  13. @Blizzardnz whatever

  14. @valarua OMG your so dumb… this is the description…
    “FUJIFILM’s new FinePix S2000HD advanced point-and-shoot digital camera is capable of taking photos and video in full HD and has cool features like instant zoom, zoom bracketing, and dual image stabalization. ”
    It does not state 720p anywhere. OMG your so dum it states FULL HD video you idiot. and there is a massive difference in 720 and 1080. yes 720 is nice but 1080 is better, and it states all over this page FULL HD. 1080 not 720

  15. @Blizzardnz lol, how many ppl agree with you? 4-5? 😀 yeah, thats a huge number. The only thing i wanted to tell it’s that you first of all need to read the description which clearly says about 720p video capturing and secondly that 720p is HD too (okay not FULL HD, but HD). I’m not Fuji fan or smthing, but i think that everyone already learned to read what is typed (and by those popular small fonts too!) rather than listen to advertising.

  16. @valarua Is everyone here DEF as well as retarded. 1:20 she says in the exact words.
    “The S2000 also shoots FULL HD VIDEO and PHOTOS”. Yes it does on the photos but no it does not shoot full HD on videos. So your the retard not me. Geez how many other people agree with me? fucken RETARD.

  17. @Blizzardnz it says nothing about FULL HD, it just says ‘HD Pictures&Movies’. Dont be fucking retarded, dude. And btw 720p is really good anyway.

  18. @Jaaakeeeee additional con: aperture size (you can choose only between 2 sizes)

  19. @HorseshoesGirl11 No it doesnt shoot full HD it only does 720p not 1080p. I know I have one too.

  20. I have this camera, it’s brilliant! HD video etc 😉

  21. @Blizzardnz It does! I have it!

  22. Nope, I’ve not had to reset the date/time for a long time with my batteries continously being taken out to recharge.
    The only thing I get asked is the battery time, although even then I believe it remembers what you choose last time.

  23. No. It remembers the time and date. It will ask what type of batteries were inserted but all other data is remembered.

  24. wow

  25. @Blizzardnz Exactly!
    It doesnt shot FULL HD Video! (1080p)

    I also have it, and it doesn’t have full HD video

  26. fancy name: Provia!

    Provia is a brandname for a pair of daylight-balanced color reversal films (slide film) produced by the Japanese film company Fujifilm. ]Provia has less saturated colors and contrast compared to Velvia.

    Both films have the ability to be pushed/pulled from -1/2 stop to +2 stops, with Provia 100F [RDP III] capable of +3 stops in low light conditions.[2][3] Provia is also a favored film for cross processing.

  27. After using the S100FS for the last year, I can say it’s an awesome camera for the price! I’ve done timelapses, taken awesome photos, enjoyed the extra zoom on vacation, at the zoo, on hikes, anywhere where 3x zoom is just too little. I’m glad I decided against an SLR for that very reason! I just got a HS10 for $368 and combined I’ve not even spent 1/10th of what it would cost to have one SLR that can do what these two cameras can. Just look up what a SLR zoom lens costs!

  28. BS!!! I’ll go pick up a real SLR for 800 bucks.

  29. bit much 4 a point ‘n’ shoot a thought it was a full slr

  30. the minute i heard the price i stopped the video :

  31. you cant use the screen for live view? wtf?
    that cant be right..

  32. sir yes sir!

  33. Contrary to this reviewer’s information, you CAN use the screen for live shots. Perhaps he should do a full check of the equipment he’s reviewing? And yes, I own one, so I know this to be true.

  34. Really? Recording capabilities equal to my cell phone, and an LCD that doesn’t do live view? Stay away from this one.

  35. No, it shoots in VGA.

  36. You dont have to format your whole harddisk actually, simple way is to create a new partition (logical disk) . Just ask the google , something like – “create new partition ntfs”. There is a lot of progs for this task. I would use “GParted”. If you got enough space on your hdd – it’ll work for you.

  37. okay… thats annoying, i think i will stick to the new sony camera

  38. NO, it has 640×480 shitly resolution videorecording…

  39. Does this Camera have a 1080p videorecording mode?

  40. ty for help, but what is ntfs? its like a Chinese language to me.

  41. you have to formatting your harddisk in ntfs-mode NOT in fat32-mode. only ntfs can handle files larger than 2 gb.

  42. is the s200 (the new upgrade of this) any good?

  43. i have no idea about the computer, but the reason its so big is probably because it is on something like 5mp shots 30X a second for 20 min, but thats just my guess 😀

  44. anyone know how to move a file that is 2gb from the camera to PC, ive got fujifilm finepixj20, i recorded a 20 min video and wtf its 2GB!, but the biggest problem is it doesn’t let me to move it to PC, when i move it, it shows the file on my PC but the damn file is 0kb wtf man…
    is it fixable? or can i change the camera for this kind of thing? ty

  45. Hmmm I don’t recall saying DSLR in my comment once you dumb asscock. SLR = Single Lens reflex……..you ASSCOCK MORON!

  46. Um, no it isnt a DSLR…Its called a bridge camera, its something between a DSLR and a point and shoot, your the moron, it is not a DSLR!

  47. Ok has this idiot in the VIDEO tilts the screen outward it states “this only works in playback, you can’t actually use this for a live view”…….YOU FUCKIN MORON! I have my s100fs here and have had it for a month now and yes you can. I really hope you lost your job after throwing out false flaws to such a great SLR. And it is….a SLR you fuckin moron.

  48. you can not only zoom while videoing the tilt monitor works while shooting video and/or stills, I use this camera to shoot both to then edit stills and video together with moviemaker I love how easy the camera is not too heavy and considering i was shooting at night with no light I am stocked with the results, check my video response above, this is a great camera

  49. great camera got mine today. i used to have the 350d and the weight and feel is about the same so if you cant afford or dont want to spend to much and dont wantto carry oldas od stuff around when you go out shooting them this is deffo the one to go for…. oh and it had rechargable batteries not like others where they takes 4 AA batteries :)

  50. does anywone kno which accesories are available for this camera?i have it and want to upgrade it