Harry Potter’s Message

Ever dreamed to send a message  which can be destroyed by itself after being read, like mail in Harry Potter story? Wow, it’s not just a dream. You can send a message which has self-destruct power after being read. Privnote.com gives you this kind of service.

You just need to write your message. Then, forward the link to anyone you want. After the message has been read,  the message  will be deleted by itself after 10 seconds. You also will get the note that your friend has read the email.

If you are regret about the email you have sent, you can open this link and the message will be destroyed before the recipient read it. You can not do this action through Twitter, email, or IM.

The security has been assured by Privnote because the link has has a certain level of security.

Privnote will be a cool service to send your love message and meeting. (source: www.readwriteweb.com)

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