does my blackberry storm 9350 work in Philippines?

Question by David: does my blackberry storm 9350 work in Philippines?
I have a Blackberry storm 9350 which has a Verizon contract. I am planning to go to Philippines for a vacation. Can i use my Blackberry? If so, how much its going to cost me to have it work on?

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Answer by token
Call Verizon and add nationwide calling plan.

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One Response to “does my blackberry storm 9350 work in Philippines?”

  1. No because verizon wirless’s roaming service is CDMA (Which covers only North America and some other parts of the world). Meanwhile, T-Mobile is GSM Which will work internationally but your bill will go up lol. I suggest you just use a telephone/landline and use phone cards with it. OR you can buy a cheap prepaid T-Mobile phone, but your minutes’ rates will be higher.

    Oh and I am from the Philippines, have fun there if you end up going!