Garmin nuvi 205W: Popular GPS in the Market Now

Garmin again released its new product, Garmin nuvi 205W . This is other version of nuvi 2×5 series. The most important thins is nuvi 205W has features that you can not find in other navigators in the market.

Garmin nuvi 205W has 4.3 inches of touch screen. There is pre-loaded USA map, except Alaska. There are some features which you can not find in other navigators, include; speed limit, map screen which’s redesigned, track log display, photo navigation, recent streets and cities, and terrain modeling.

If you travel, you will find different rules of speed limit in some roads. Sometimes, you do not know it, so you break the rule. Therefore, the icons of speed limit in this GPS will be useful for you. Tracklog display will inform what places you’ve gone and you can download it to the computer. For visualizing the terrain of surrounding, digital elevation model which’s built-in will be useful for you.
Unfortunately, this only works in 2–D mode when zoomed out to at least 8 miles. The result is a nice piece of eye-candy, as shown below, but one that you are unlikely to really use.
There are some strengths of Garmin nuvi 205 W, such as: satellite lock and startup are fast, there are some good features which you can not find in other products, deleting individual Favorites is possible because of ‘My Data” feature, loud speaker. Besides, Garmin, the vendor, has many experiences in producing this kind of product, so we can not doubt its ability.
However, you can not find text-to-text speech. For solving this problem, you need for setting it up to 255 W or 255 W. In addition, when you want to mount it, you need for attaching the power cord because the power cord is separated with the mount.
The price of Garmin nuvi 205 W is $ 249.99

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