Nokia N78

This smartphone is like N82. However, it is lighter and thinner. The screen wide is 2.4 inches. For data inputting, sleek keypad is used. This N78 works with T-Mobile SIM cards or AT&T. Supporting AT&T’s 3G HSPDA, there is a handset. Wi-Fi radio is included into the handset.


a. The Navi wheel is the good feature there. Maybe, we will think that it is similar with five way control pad. However, this feature is able to respond a light touch. The users maybe use it regularly and ignore touch feature.

b. We can hear the sour clearly indoor and outdoor. The users also will enjoy bringing the handset because of its weight.

c. Selecting different pages ability in memory with sliding thumbnails is the best feature of browser. Loading Opera Mini 4.1 is also possible.

d. The existence of Map application adds this cool design although it needs to be upgraded.


a. QuickOffice application needs to be improved because we can not create new document and edit it.

b. Sometimes, users will be frustrated of using Map application. For figuring out different modes, we need to But its interface was frustrating to use, we have to scratch head and press the button a lot.

Price: $480

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One Response to “Nokia N78”

  1. Having been said to be a budget Nokia N96, the N78 has all must even though none is of the best. It works faster than most smart phones. I bought this phone because I like its sleek and fashion design. I am very satisfied with this phone. Only one thing is a little bit annoying –when I hold this phone the shaky back panel keeps telling me it is going to crack…