What if Human Corpses to be Robot’s Fuel?

What if human corpses to be robot’s fuel? Do I joke? No, I don’t. Along with the development of technology, impossible can be possible. Pentagon has contracted a company in Maryland, Robotic Technology Inc. to develop a robot which can get energy from organic materials by themselves. The organic materials here include woods, grass, old furniture, even human corpses. The company named this robot as EATR (Energetically Autonomous Tactical Robot). The name comes from its ability to get, digest, and extract energy from our environmental biome and other organic materials.

The working system of getting the energy is similar with filling the fuel traditionally with diesel fuel, kerosene, or gas. The energy from organic materials (ie. animals, plants, human corpses) is used to heat the water in the closed pipelines for arousing the electrical energy.

Pentagon wants to develop to EATR for military aims. This kind of robot is proper suitable to be used in the wars situation because it can move in the flexible ways to get energy sources and gat about for some years in the hard condition. Because of its ability to get the energy sources independently, the armies should not fill the robot’s fuel frequently.

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