What other android phones can i use on virgin mobile?

Question by jdmpower363: What other android phones can i use on virgin mobile?
I have the lg optimus for virgin mobile’s beyond talk plan which is the best phone available for the plan. However its pretty much bottom of the line for android phones. Am I able to use a better android phone from sprint somehow safely and what phones? Any links to your answer to explain how would be helpfull.

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Answer by jacobj9
samsung intercept http://www.virginmobileusa.com/cell-phones/samsung-intercept-phone.jsp

and optimus (good phone) http://www.virginmobileusa.com/cell-phone-plans/beyond-talk-plans.jsp

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2 Responses to “What other android phones can i use on virgin mobile?”

  1. Here’s an overall picture of Virgin mobile and android phones from around the world

    For Virgin Uk – one of the most popular ones they use are HTC wildfire S.

    For Virgin mobile Australia – the HTC incredible S is really popular

    For Virgin mobile US – I think the Samsung intercept is better than the LG optimus

  2. Samsung Intercept (I have that)
    LG Optimus
    Motorola Triumph (4G) will come out in about a month