Augmented Reality Gaming – PlayStation Exclusive

See the Sony history of bending the barriers between reality and the virtual world in this video from the PlayStation Blog featuring augmented reality tech. IGN’s YouTube is just a taste of our content. Get more: Want this week’s top videos? Sign up
Video Rating: 4 / 5

The voice of Nathan Drake walks you through all the goodies in the Uncharted 3: Collector’s Edition, so don’t miss out on purchasing a copy of your own. IGN’s YouTube is just a taste of our content! Check out our other game channels: Call of Duty – Zelda – Battlefield – Halo – Street Fighter – And more!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 Responses to “Augmented Reality Gaming – PlayStation Exclusive”

  1. this video was posted in april…Does anybody notice that the psp on the table at 3:10 was the PSP VITA!!!

  2. kinect+wii+ps3 = the future of gaming

  3. @MileProwersFan and yet they were still all intended to achieve motion gaming right? but which came first? as far as i remember it was the le stick then the other devices built upon it not the other way around

  4. @ilorvygjm Well LeStick uses a mercury core to track motion. Wiimote uses Infared.

  5. @MileProwersFan i may be wrong but i can’t remember the wii using a camera to track an illuminated ball on the wiimote i may be wrong but i don’t think it works like that i remember that it uses infrared tracking

  6. @ilorvygjm The Playstation Move looks and works too similar to the Wiimote not to be a copy.. Anyone who sees the Move, thinks of the Wii. LeStick was meant to be a wireless joystick-like device for flight simulation games. It had no nunchuck.

  7. @MileProwersFan i would tend to disagree i wouldn’t necessarily call either copies ( even though i said that in a comment my use of the word was a little off ) because as i said below it is common in the tech world to borrow and rehash ideas for particular purposes… btw it would be just as accurate for me to call the wiimote a le stick copy… as you mentioned it has different features but the same applies to move which works differently and provided features not found on the wii

  8. @ilorvygjm Okay, you’re right. But PSMove is obviously a Wii copy. AR was copied from PSP.

  9. @MileProwersFan seems to me that you’re pretty offended that someone would suggest that nintendo derived an idea from another company but at the end of the day if you’re aware of how technology evolves you would understand that in several cases tech that is percieved as being new is actually a rehashing of older ideas… for example kinect for xbox can be said to be an expansion of motion cam gaming present of pcs and also the eyetoy

  10. @MileProwersFan what is the main feature of the wii in terms of the controls? the speakers? the infrared? or the motion gaming they allow for?

  11. @ilorvygjm 😐 Did Le Stick have speakers, or infared? Could it store data? Tell me how.

  12. @MileProwersFan i don’t remember being able to play ar games on that… in fact you tell me how

  13. @ilorvygjm Lets use your logic then. Eyetoy is a copy off of the Gameboy Camera because Sony just took the concept, and built upon it.

  14. @MileProwersFan ? doesn’t metter regardless of if its true or not look back at what i said – “the concept” thats what was taken and built upon… and of course sony did the same they took the concept but implemented it differently incorporating their motion cam along with the controller which imo is the superior setup

  15. @ilorvygjm No games were made for the Le stick. NONE. Not one.

  16. 4:06 – imagitive??? Did this dood go to college?

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  19. Im not buying a tablet on w/e trash, i cant wait for NGP!!! Sony FTFW!!!!!!!!

  20. nintendo always copys sony

  21. @zenosuke14 SMASH!!! but yeah i like the wii more than the other because of those 3 things :) and if the wii2 or wii hd is real than fucking hell yeah

  22. @zenosuke14 SMASH!!! but yeah i like the wii more than the other because of those 3 things :) and if the wii2 or wii gd is real than fucking hell yeah

  23. @EnterTheNoodle1 The wii is inferior in just about every way. other than the fact that they have mario, zelda, and smash.

  24. @zenosuke14 the wii is inferior with graphics but wins with games , fan base and fun factor and i dont want to get of track and ok the kinect isent that revolutionary but hell its fun ok im gonna shhhhut up now becasue im bored with this k by

  25. @BadCheese00 sony had it first

  26. 4 simone who has never play uncharted do you all think i shud get uncharted 3?……anyone

  27. @ZFSOscar steal it cause it free

  28. Yeah pre ordered it today 😀

  29. OMG! He’s stealing it, now theres only 2 left… 2 million of those left.

  30. Wow I imagine Nolan North really being Nathan Drake, he IS Nathan Drake!

  31. @AMD7thS You say: Playstations first steel edition case.
    Nolan says: Playstations first steel edition case OF UNCHARTED 3

    That’s clearly different eh?

    ID : PabloCesarXD


  34. Guys trying too hard to be funny

  35. Uncharted the best game>>BEST<<<

  36. @TheEk94 inr, when I played assassin’s creed 2 I was like…this doesn’t feel right..

  37. im getting this one for free. because im stealing it LOL 😀

  38. @AMD7thS Honestly, I have no idea what the case is made out of and I think he meant the first edition of U3

  39. QUESTION 2 [and a bit more]:

    is that box made out of wood or cardboard including the little bits in there?
    why did he say “playstations first steel edition case” at 2:30?
    i thought uncharted 2 special edition was a steel edition? i’ve got it? unless mines a different metal?

    im from the u.k and have already pre-ordered the EXPLORERS edition. now, from what i saw, it seems like we’re getting an ugly brown case, but inside this case will there be another STEEL case just like the one in this vid? the one in this vid is amazing and i want it!

  41. l get schoked every time l se him and he sounds like drake thinking this isent Drake XD

  42. @ZFSOscar, u should definitely get it

  43. @ZFSOscar Don’t know about you bro but as for me i’m getting it.

  44. I’m going to Narnia! hauhsuahsuahsuas’

  45. 2:50 That’s what she said

  46. its useless, 4 gears of war is much better than this garbage

  47. wondering if i should get this or not… any suggestions people?

  48. this game is the best and most charming franchise ever!! and that comes from someone with a xbox…..i had a ps3……sold it…..big mistake but i had to sacrifice one franchise for another….BUT i will buy this and play it on my brothers ps3 😀 its just no way to explain how awesome these games are! uncharted are awesome in all ways! if you dont buy this game then i dont know what disease you got…….

  49. already pre-ordered it 😀

  50. This makes me even more willing to pay the 100 dollars. Love Nolan North, and love Uncharted!