Best PSP Games

This is a Top 10 collection of the best selling PSP Games worldwide. WATCH IN HD.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

An in depth comparison between the new PSP 2000 and the old PSP 1000
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 Responses to “Best PSP Games”

  1. @kimenable I guess that comment abaut the balls is the best comment on youtube ever!

  2. Loads of psp game downloads from my channle


  4. @kimenable epic comment there

  5. thumbs up if you think they should make a gta san andreas for psp

  6. @LATEST31 it is on the psp…

  7. woahwoahwoahwoah!! woah? was that yuna i waw?!?

  8. @MrChicago101 Get a psp. It already has a vast library of games available in addition a large homebrew scene. If you bought one today you’d have games available from the psp, ps1, GBA, Megadrive/genesis, SNES, MAME, CPS1, CPS2, Homebrew and many more for around £50. If you wait for the NGP you’ll be paying much more for a few launch titles.

  9. @MrChicago101 ngp will have a better processor and that equals better visuals. already the ipod touch can run better looking games than this.

  10. @blitzkrieg371 I know men .. just be your self.. and im like that

  11. should I get a PSP or just wait intil the NGP comes out because i think the NGP is just stupid….mssg me what you think?

  12. @6RMV yeha u just select both the files and extract to folder and they shoudl be the whole game

  13. @natutz71 You’re epicly outdated, my good friend.


  15. @kimenable They know what they signed up 4

  16. @6RMV is it on a .rar file? have you tried extracting it?

  17. GET,’`IPADs;:,OR;,`IPHONES.`,FREE`..


  18. just see my top 10 here:

    top10pspgames . blogspot . c**

  19. just see my top 10 here:

    top10pspgames . blogspot . (com)

  20. well, these r good but i would prefer these as top:

    top10pspgames . blogspot . c o m

  21. Hey guys! i just downloaded Tactics Ogre from that websites. but it was 2 parts. i downloaded both,but i don’t know how to play the game now :( can someone please help me?

  22. the should make gta 4 or in psp or psp2

  23. thanks for sharing bro

  24. PS1>PSP

  25. Go to my channle for loads of games

  26. I have 1004 and i’m happy 😀


  28. @ShitWrangler I wasnt hatin at all really, I had one of the first PSPs a long time ago. I just like my 3003. I heard u could modify it to play PS1 games thats all I would want it to do..if not then I suppose one day I might as well get a fat to mess around with after the NGP comes out and wait and see how the NGP develops.

  29. @8824shyte surely, it will go obsolete when you consider the primary developers have retired from the cfw scene, leaving behind afew straglers to pick up the remains. surely these people will be able to hack the near air tight psp 3000 security as flawlessly as the 1000. surely, the ngp coming out later this year will result in a full attention shift. surely you’re the jealous one unable to customize and play unlimited games. when you come to atleast you can buy one at a pawnshop ‘n’ stop hatin.

  30. all the ppl who say their 1000 is better are a bit jealous cos there isnt any point upgrading just for a brighter screen and better lighter design. I think they feel a bit left behind. Well I can tell you my 3000 is awesome. Is it possible to play PS1 ISOS on a 3000? Surely it will be hacked eventually.

  31. thumbs up if you have a psp 2000 😀

  32. @LunaiTovaaa56 can people stop copy and pasiting héhè_ãñYÔNë_wÅÑnã_chÅt_with_mê­_í_féËl_sõ_lÓNÊly_tödÃý? geuss everyone puts this on youtube gd

  33. héhè_ãñYÔNë_wÅÑnã_chÅt_with_mê_í_féËl_sõ_lÓNÊly_tödÃý?

  34. I SEE U!

  35. bad thing about slim is you might accidently pry open the game thing latch off

  36. @realjuvelive 3000 and 2000 are the same but i think 3000 has head fones

  37. @PatrickStarr009 Can u add me or can I add u ?

  38. Almost saw your face!

  39. @Modukon92 i have fb

  40. download your roms from now we got pokemon black (U) not patch
    NOT JOKING Trust me just give it a go and see 100% SAFE NO VIRUSES

  41. What’s the difference between these things? psp 3000 2000 1000??

  42. i stole my psp from some hotdog place..

  43. nice !!!
    that really helped !!!

  44. ?? ?????? ??????

  45. I’ve had my psp for 5 years.

  46. @Modukon92 i mean he cracked an egg on my bed literally

  47. @PatrickStarr009 Wow tat’s quite sumtime… I had my 2k for about almost 2 years and my 3 k is jz 1 month old haha… Wat ya mean cracked an egg? o.O

  48. @Modukon92 i had my 4 psp’s for 4 years now. oh man my cousin cracked an egg on my bed but i got him 2 afterwards

  49. @Modukon92 i had my 4 psp’s for 4 years now

  50. Thank you Come Again