How do I download older nintendo games onto my laptop?

Question by britD: How do I download older nintendo games onto my laptop?
I have seen many people with old nintendo, super nintendo, etc games like mario and zelda on their computers. Where can I get these games from for free?
I used to have them a long time ago (I remember i needed a snes application + the game file) but I dont remember exactly how i got it.

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Answer by xXSiesmoXx
all you have to do is download wats called an emulator so just google NES emulator, find one that u are comfortable downloading, the you just google NES emulator games and download the files of the games and when u run the emulator program u downloaded the games that you downloaded for the emulator are in the list under file option.

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5 Responses to “How do I download older nintendo games onto my laptop?”

  1. The application or program you need is an “Emulator”
    The actual file for the game to play is called a “Rom”

    Since you said Snes I’ll be using that as my example.

    Go to
    Go to Emulator
    Go to Super Nintendo
    You’ll be at this link if done correctly
    Select an “Emulator” to download. (I prefer Znes)
    Download it.

    Now to download Rom’s

    Go to the
    Go to ROM Files
    Go to Super Nintendo
    Select the first letter of your game title
    (I’ll be using Super Mario Kart as an I.E , so select “S”)
    Locate Super Mario Kart (The Rom’s are in Alphabetical Order)
    Select download file after waiting 15 seconds.

    Un-Zip the .zip folder.

    Open the application
    Go to Game > Load > Locate Rom
    There you go!

  2. i always go to this website for old roms …its just the best

    NES Games Link:
    SNES Games Link:

    NES Emulator Link:
    SNES Emulator Link:


    I suggest using FCEUltra and SNES9x

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  5. Download nes emulator