iFixit: PlayStation 3 Slim Disassembly

A first look inside Sony’s dramatically redesigned, cooler, sleeker PS3 Slim! Visit www.ifixit.com for more sneak peeks into today’s hottest gadgets!

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50 Responses to “iFixit: PlayStation 3 Slim Disassembly”

  1. @000TQ000 Yeah, go ahead and do that!! Do provide us with a little demo of the features that microsoft has been keeping from us! lol

  2. @sickler4201 no I havnt had any problems with mine it will get pretty warm but it’s nothing to worry about. Before you take apart your ps3 I’d recommend discharging yourself of any static electricity

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  4. sony s3

  5. Anyone know if the slims are YLODing yet? Just bought a slim to replace my 80 gig fatty that YLODed after 4 years of use. Definately breaking my slim open to clean it on the day the warranty expires!

  6. @Classick shoulda just broke of center pin with small screwdriver. 360 controllers have the same screws.

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  8. my heart breaks when you open it ;p

  9. @KingKehra i couldn’t agree more, but still i think the ps3 lacks vents, meh the slim doesnt overheats but the little tiny vents are pretty warm

  10. dude i dont want to brake my ps3 i am not crazy

  11. @enishi4ty5
    my ps3 is not slim model, it was fat 40gb

  12. @kropotkin888 dude, maybe ur not being careful with it. im still on my 1st ps3 slim, that i got jan 2010, and its on more often then im awake,lol.like i turn it on in the morning on weekends and keep it on till i go to sleep 3-4am the next morning. cant take a risk like that with the xbox tho

  13. it sucks that i need a special screwdriver for disassembly such things like this

  14. Fuck Sony for using security torx screws and forcing me to stop mid way and order the bit required.

  15. @ShieldLessLink
    it’s a turbo fan,actually

  16. @KingKehra they also placed a copper frame box around it and that makes it getting overheated so easily causing that stupid rrod.

  17. PS3 looks more sexier inside than those 360 dissemble videos I’ve seen. Size of that fan is a must have for great cooling.

  18. @KingKehra
    no matter what sony is the worst My ps 3 got YLOD again and again wtf i am disappointed

  19. i like xbox 360 and ps3 the same, any system with online gameplay is a great system to me :)

  20. @SchwuleScheisser
    fats corno poor tender

  21. thanks for the vid, i only want to verify if my Canadian bought ps3 slim 320 gig is in fact dual voltage so I can use it in Europe where i’m moving to. many forums state that even though the sticker on outside of the unit states 120 in fact if you open it up it will say 120-240 making it universal voltage. i don’t want to open it up and void the warranty, can anyone confirm if all ps3 slims including brand new models currently on the market are dual voltage? thx for any help

  22. @coled7lan Blah, details 😀 Just go for it man! Electroshock doesn’t hurt at all

  23. Very nice video :)

  24. can you fit a blu ray drive from a slim on a fat model?

  25. i own an xbox 360 and ps3 and i think they are both equally good in their own ways, and for the record my xbox has never overheated in 2 years.

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  44. This remind anyone else of the 360’s “Jump In” campaign?

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