POPstation review (PSP Rip off)

A video review of a cheap rip-off of Sony’s PSP games system.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Sony has revealed the NGP, the next PSP and promises to revolutionize portable gaming tech. IGN sits down to discuss the new console and if it’s worth the hype. IGN’s YouTube is just a taste of our content. Get more: www.ign.com Want this week’s top videos? Sign up go.ign.com

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50 Responses to “POPstation review (PSP Rip off)”


  2. Pop Station: I have a family to feed.

  3. 240p :/

  4. I thought you’ll actually brake it with a hammer after you dropped it uninterestingly on the couch.

  5. @psman3000 i dont get it.

  6. sad xD

  7. @videogamedude68 to bad i didnt see your comment 3 days ago

  8. @videogamedude68 If only I’d watched this a few days earlier ):

  9. POP(Pointless Old Piece of crap)station

  10. man: im gonna buy a popstation!
    then he buys one and gets home
    man:finally i got my own handstrap! XD

  11. damn, i missed it

  12. pop station? what in the world is that?


  14. rip off station..

  15. 2 days for National POP Station day! 😀

  16. 5th “National Popstation Day” on the 28th! Hoooray -_-.

  17. @kyleowenoneill yeah that’s the way it goes my friend I once actually almost won a psp (a real one I had the person open the machine up and show me but then some crying little tot who was sad over something I can’t remember what he said but he bumped into me and I hit the button on accident

  18. Does the POP station come with the ability to run Linux or play movies via VLC?

  19. mobile with no colour game is more better than this

  20. We want to resign East Asia, and Japan become a member of Southeast Asia or become 51th state of U.S.A.
    We can’t go along with them ideas. Thank you for teaching Kanji and Korea dish. Goodbye, China and Korea.

  21. anyone who buys this for this kid instead of the real thing should be shot. poor kid’s gonna need therapy later in life because of it. and it WILL make him/her a social outcast, lol.

  22. Thumbs up if you want another review of the original pop station in HD!

  23. I was at a flea market today, and i saw one of these, my mom asked what it was, I replied with “Useless TAT”


  25. My friend said if I would give him a PSP he would give me a Game Boy colow, and I’m thinking of getting one of these and give it to gim.. XD

  26. I hope this is going to be hackable

  27. @kylehyde28 Your response doesn’t make sense.

    How is it that everyone can believe every media has a bias today, but during the 1400s(before America was even discovered for most of the century btw), the media outlets are all the sudden golden?

    What you read in books and newspapers from the past are the same bullcrap that you read everyday in the newspapers in the present, exaggerations and outright lies allowed to define history just because that is all we have remaining from that time period.

  28. BULLSH1T! Why people do always compare everything with apple?

  29. tbh this thing will be expenxive. my guess is going to be 350-400 bucks. software on it is going to be prolly 50-60 bucks each. on top of that the 3g is gonna cost. your going to have to have a data plan each month no doubt. This will be there biggest down fall. I will most likely get one but i feel im going to like my 3ds more then ngp. Just like i feel ds was more fun then psp. Graphics are not always the best. Gameplay is where its at. but most kids these days just want eyecandy

  30. N- NOT




  32. I’m really hoping there’ll b a time when there’s a portable game player, that could play ALL games. FUKCIN hate it when i must buy this console to play this game, and buy that console to play that game. and worse: NO PORTABLE.

  33. i FU*KIN want it. okay, now’s d question: estimate d time for this 2 b hacked.

  34. fuckin want it

  35. @ultimatetalesfan19 That’s what YOU think. There’s no getting through you, is there? You just assume that when a kid is present in a commercial or whatever, you assume that the game is for kids, do you? I bet you don’t even know that there are Pokemon tournaments out there. So, this guy: /watch?v=-5JfSlOPydk is a kid, huh? All of the people that are in this tournament are 18 years old and above. Therefore, it doesn’t answer my question. So, again: how is Pokemon a “casual game?”

  36. @ultimatetalesfan19 Like I said earlier: “that’s what YOU think.” I care not of your opinion nor your judgment. It’s even hard to take that in from a stranger in the internet calling a person who is “unable to think” for themselves, being a racist, and thinks that “nobody but people living in that time knew” what happened during 1400s. Ever heard of human? Yeah, they lived back then and they still do now. Did it occur to you that maybe those people back then wrote books, newspapers, etc.?

  37. @kylehyde28
    how is it not?

    Pokemon might not have older people(like the Wii games) playing it, but it sure has casual game playing teens, girls who would never actually play ANY game period, usually play Pokemon.

    They advertised Pokemon Diamond and Pearl in Seventeen magazine, who the hell would play RPGs that read those magazines?

    Pokemon is more kiddy and undeniably more casual than every other major RPG series, which is why they can advertise it to average girls who swear they hate games.

  38. @kylehyde28
    That is because your mind is being strangled with propaganda, unable to think for yourself(unlike me, I question everything).

    Everything I have said so far about this is true, indisputably.

    You have no ideals or beliefs, you just regurgitate whatever your teacher and the textbooks tell you, that is all school is now, a massive community brainwashing center, with global reach.

    You couldn’t have less of a clue about the 1400’s, nobody but people living in that time knew about it.

  39. @ultimatetalesfan19 Like I said, “different strokes for different folks.” But let me ask this again: how is Pokemon a “casual game?”

  40. @ultimatetalesfan19 Well, that’s what YOU think, so I’ll rest this discussion since we won’t go nowhere. Let’s just say: my ideals and belief differs from yours. But it still won’t change the fact that you are racist to ME.

  41. @kylehyde28
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  42. @kylehyde28
    I have played up to Diamond, Pearl and Platinum(I couldn’t play more than 3 hours of either).

    I have Soul Silver for the nostalgia factor, but Pokemon is not possible for me to play anymore.

    and I already said how simple Dragon Quest was(but I can STILL play them to this day).

  43. @ultimatetalesfan19 Yes, he does defend me in some manner.

    And you maybe right, in your opinion, that the “term ‘redneck,’ or ‘trailer trash’ is far worse than ‘nigger.'” Although, I find it disturbing how you think the N word is a “common household word.” Have you forgotten, or perhaps don’t know, that these “niggers” were enslaved by the white men in the 1400s? What if I enslave you and called you a “dirt;” and let’s say you were freed, would you take offense if one calls you dirt?

  44. @ultimatetalesfan19 Shin Megami Tensei is alright, but I still find Pokemon a bit more enjoying and the competitive battles gives it more of an edge, in my humble opinion. And Dragon Quest is not as complex as Pokemon, again, IMHO. Hey, it’s different strokes for different folks. Still, it doesn’t justify why you called Pokemon a “casual game.” I doubt you even played any of the newest installment, so I can’t accept your words and are just simply ignorant opinions to me.

  45. I Have The Official Leaked Release Date & Price In My Video!!!
    Thumbs Up So People Know!

  46. Why did I just buy a laptop????? WHY DIDN”T ANYONE TELL ME!!!!!!!!

    *sits in a corner and cries*

  47. i know what im putting on my xmas list this year! But as always, Stupid Goddam santa puts coal in my goddam stockings!!!!

  48. :/ i might sell my ps3 for it. just for the new games, ive seen all the games coming out for ps3 from today to mid 2012 and i dont like most of them and besides im usually never at home so i mind as well get a hand held

  49. What the hell? Fuck Apple???? It Ain’t a game console, it will never be a game console, stop comparing it with a GAME CONSOLE! FOR FUCK SAKE >=[

  50. @aussiekingsley if they do sony AND nintendo could sue them over copywright they ow the portable gaming devices