Uncharted NGP Preview: Golden Abyss Is Just As Big As Its PS3 Siblings

Uncharted NGP Preview: Golden Abyss Is Just As Big As Its PS3 Siblings

Like the two God of War games that came out on the PSP, Uncharted: Golden Abyss seeks to take the formula that worked so well for one of Sony’s best console franchises and shrink it down for the new portable device. Unlike those previous efforts, though, Sony is introducing some new gameplay elements into its beloved series to help showcase the impressive technology powering the NGP. In my …
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E3 2011: Super Stardust Delta Creates a Black Hole

On the surface, Super Stardust Delta seems similar to its PSP predecessor. After all, you’re still a ship patrolling the surface of a planet, blasting away at asteroids that are crashing down around you. But Delta is different — and not just with different worlds and enemies…
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NGP Preview: Super Stardust Delta

Every half-baked fake mock-up of a mythical future PSP floating around the message boards had one thing in common – a second analog stick. Well, at least that part was right. There’s no doubt that the NGP ’s dual analog sticks (a portable first!) will revolutionize first-person shooters on the go. But for my money, the NGP was tailor-made for a portable Super Stardust . Its genre *is* “twin …
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