What is the difference between nintendo ds an nintendo dsi?

by yum9me

Question by #13doglover: What is the difference between nintendo ds an nintendo dsi?
Dose nintendo ds come with a charging cable? What one is better to get?

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Answer by KevinTheGamer
The DSL was simply a remake of the original DS that Nintendo released. The main difference is the smaller size. Other differences are that it has a bigger stylus (the pen thing you use to tap the screen,) The two screens are brighter, the battery lasts slightly longer, the microphone is centered, and it has a different charger. The drawbacks to the DS lite are that the L and R trigger buttons are smaller and harder to press, when you put a Gameboy Advanced game into the bottom slot, it sticks out, and Ive found that it isn’t as durable as the original DS. They both play the same games and work the exact same way. My vote is for the Ds Lite as the better of the two, simply because its better to put in your pocket or in your bag and Nintendo basically took what people were saying bad about the DS and they incorporated it into the Lite. Hope that helped.

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3 Responses to “What is the difference between nintendo ds an nintendo dsi?”

  1. the dsi has a built in camera and with the camera you can draw on pics, see how related two people are, etc. i think you should buy the dsi, it is much better and they come in nicer colors

  2. the ds has a sleek shine faceplate to it it has a game boy advance slot to play the older games. the dsi has a built in camera internet music downloadable games. you choose

  3. All the ds, ds lite, and dsi come with there own charging cable. dsi is a better get. it has some cool cameras in it that you can warp, draw on, ect. There is also an mp3 in it. You can record sound, go on the internet, and you get 1000 free dsi shop points when you buy it. defintley buy dsi.