What’s the difference between Nintendo DS and Nintendo lite?

Question by Michelle: What’s the difference between Nintendo DS and Nintendo lite?
I’ve wondered what the differences between nintendo DS and nintendo DS lite was. Aren’t they the same? Is the lite one made with glass instead of plastic? List as many differences as you can! Best ones get 10 points!

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Answer by Tonya
they’re both made of plastic. my brother has a regular and i have a DS lite. the lite has a way brighter screen and is much easier to see in the daytime. it’s also thinner and more compact, so it can fit in your pocket easier. the stylus is also thicker and easier to hold and use. they both play the same games. the biggest difference is the screen.

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3 Responses to “What’s the difference between Nintendo DS and Nintendo lite?”

  1. The only differences I know of, is DS Lite is smaller and lighter than the original, and the buttons and microphone are in different places, plus there is a new screen resolution to change the brightness.

  2. Same with the GBA and the GB micro : Nintendo’s looking for new ways to keep their customers happy. And this time, it’s an improvement on their handhelds. The screen should be much better than the usual Ds, but both do pretty much the same thing, apart from the DS Lite isn’t like carrying a brick around in your pocket.

  3. no difference, computer games disturb ur sense of reality and upset ur peace of mind, better to concentrate on more important realitys or matter’s.