Ergonomic Positioning Of Pc Possible With Lcd Monitor Mount

Ergonomic Positioning Of Pc Possible With Lcd Monitor Mount

Ergonomic Positioning Of Pc Possible With Lcd Monitor Mount

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Ergonomic Positioning Of Pc Possible With Lcd Monitor Mount

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Posted: Mar 29, 2010 |Comments: 0


This leads us to point out one of the main issues for eye related problems due to the computer. If the computer is too close to your eye, the electromagnetic rays from the computer could cause irreversible damage to the eye. The next best solution is to position the computer far away from the eye. But then you risk the damage of missing out on reading some content on the computer.

Another set of research claims that if the monitor is kept at a 15 degree angle, the damage to the eyes could be minimized. This downward gaze angle also helps us accommodate more of the text and the ability to converge on the text also improves. But the question is – Would we able to do this on our TFT or computer monitors?

Not really, and that leaves us with only one option – To buy a good quality LCD Monitor Mount. These LCD Monitor Mounts are considered to be very friendly devices for computer users like you and me. These devices help with the downward gaze factor and help you in re-adjusting the position of the LCD Monitor in such a way that you can easily see the contents on the monitor, without you having to strain your eyes.

These LCD Monitor Mounts come with their own set of features. For example, good quality LCD Monitor Mounts would be durable, and easy to install for sure, but additionally, they can attach quickly to any working desk. With some of these LCD Monitor Mounts, you could also mount on grommet hole mount, if your desk has a feature like this installed in them.

The LCD Monitor Mount basically does one thing – It raises the TFT or the flat panel monitor slightly above your eye level, and yet keeping it to a distance where you could read easily. Most good LCD Monitor Mounts would allow for fingertip positioning of the LCD Monitor Mount. Good LCD Monitor Mounts will be able to accommodate 2LCD Monitor Mount inch screens easily, and if some products on the Internet are to be believed, the possibility of having multiple monitors projecting out of a single LCD Monitor Mount is also possible.

The point is clear – There are a lot of LCD Monitor Mount products available in the market, with every product looking to cater at one need or the other of people.

Eventually, with the LCD Monitor Mount, you would be able to achieve ergonomic positioning with respect to your computer monitor. If you have a computer at your home, this is precisely what you would have wanted.

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