Gang Starr – In Memory Of

Moment of Truth. Virgin Records. 1998.

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25 Responses to “Gang Starr – In Memory Of”

  1. In Memory of Lamont Coleman, Leeroy Phinazee & Gilda Terry. A whole family passed away..

  2. Im not gunna say RIP to all the artists, because everyone dies. But ill say it to the best rapper

    Guru was a good man, made good music, and the big man thought he was so good he had to meet him.

    R.I.P. man.

  3. @MrPasdaddy13
    same, well im 15 but ive been listening to real hip-hop like gangstarr, and of course Nujabes (Jazz/hip-hop is so sick)

    I honestly get pissed at those people listening to mac miller and lil wayne and drake and saying how they are the best, when im the only one in my grade who actually knows what hip-hop is.

  4. nujabes – mystline
    this is brilliant, and smooth.
    im 14 and i love this old-school underground music, its amazing.
    r.i.p to all the REAL! hip hop rappers out there.

  5. Guru is smokin blunt ‘s with god, listening to this song, R.I.P emperor of hip hop

  6. RIP Guru,Big L,Nate Dogg, Micheal Jackson, James Brown, Tupac, Notorious BIG, Keith Cowboy, ODB, Proof, Jam Master Jay, Mc Breed, Big Pun,, Eazy-E, Left Eye, Alaiyah, John Lennon, George Harrison. Talent gone, but never forgotten.

  7. i’ve been jamming to this song for hours now .im never gonna get tired of this song ever R.I.P. GURU WE WILL NEVER FORGET YA

  8. R.I.P G.U.R.U

  9. Losing those you love and inspiration is difficult.. Guru You made history.. If people hear your words after you die, you are a legend among them..

  10. I dont know why, but I just listened to this track and was close to breaking down in tears

  11. Guru New Music is Classic! Check out the 7Grand Channel. Yo How many of these Haters Pointin out Solar is in the gangstarr skillz video! Guru did so much great great

    muisc these haters don’t want you to hear. Think for yourselves and check out Guru’s work outside of gangstarr. You will be shocked how good it is. Guru and Bob Marley how

    bout that. Its on the? 7grand channel. Peace

  12. GURU R.I.P!

  13. in memory of Guru, J Dilla, Big L, Subroc, Biggie, 2pac, Baatin, Mr. Eon, Big Pun, Michael Jackson, Eyedea, Eazy-E, Nate Dogg, Bernie Mac, Nujabes, Ol Dirty Bastard, Proof
    R.I.P. yall

  14. R.I.P GURU you enlighten me well may allah bless you in the next phase of the after life

  15. Zachary Hull. Taken far before his time. But his memory will always live in all of us.

  16. in memory of Luis Fernandez

  17. Hip hop is love & a voice for the voiceless so express yourself to the fullest world wide aight

  18. Philosophize this without love we won’t exist ………R. I. P Guru peace.

  19. RIP TAN MAN!!!!!!!!! 10/24/88 – 7/15/11 LIVE ON

  20. in memory of guru

  21. RIP GURU

  22. guru best rapper that has lived

  23. Could you please upload the instrumental?

  24. In memory of GURU…this is my dedication to him.

  25. Fuck Solar…