Gigabyte intros Llano-compatible A75 motherboards for the DIY set (video)

Gigabyte intros Llano-compatible A75 motherboards for the DIY set (video)

Llano-based PCs are still trickling their way into the market, but if you’re the enterprising type you can just up and build your own. Gigabyte just announced a family of seven A75 series of motherboards, all of which are compatible with AMD’s spankin’ new Fusion A6 and A8 chips and A75 chipsets. To recap, the Fusion A-Series combines a discrete-class Radeon HD GPU and either a dual- or quad …
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Facebook reveals next-gen Open Compute wares

Double your servers, double your fun Facebook’s Open Compute Project, founded to open source the social media mogul’s server and data center designs , has hosted its first meeting, previewing its next-generation server and storage iron.…
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How To Build A Hackintosh Mini For A Less Expensive, Faster Mac

We’ve shown you how to build a Hackintosh with enough power to rival a Mac Pro, but for those of you who want a still powerful Mac on a budget you can build a Hack Mini. We’ll show you what you need to build it and walk you through the entire OS X installation. (more…)
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Simple clear advice in plain English

If you’re serious about games you’ll need an equally serious graphics card. The HIS IceQX Radeon HD 6790 certainly looks the part, both in size and the array of sockets on the back.
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