musical cats [ Memory ]

musical cats [ Memory ]

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25 Responses to “musical cats [ Memory ]”

  1. I was 15 years old when i saw this………

  2. this is such a sad but also beautiful moment in the movie, and it’s even powerful for me-i had a grandna/aunt, who loved this movie and this song. i loved her so much, though i dind’t have enough time to get to know her. she passed away when i was 11 or 12. ever since then, i’ve never been able to watch this without thinking of her, especially at 5:12 . it’s so powerful, and i just bawl my eyes out. i love this movie, especially Grisabella. RIP, Bobo

  3. everytime I see this I bawl. everytime.

  4. @btarded Wait….when was this? I didn’t know there was a National Tour.

  5. I love my London.

  6. Muuuuuuuuuuito liiiiiiiindo!

  7. most beautiful song that I would like to sing in Spanish!

  8. wow! amazing Performance what an awesum vocal range. I was surprised at the audio quality truly emotionaly moving. I saw cats at the shubert theater in NY city back in 1984 i was 13 years old and my grandmother got box seats on the stage i was looking through the floor boards into their dressing room. what memories! thanks for this performance

  9. to be honest, until recently, when i suddenly got older ive never been into musicals, but cats was always one i knew about, probably because i like cats lol, not really sure what other musicals a beginner such as myself should look into, any advice would be appreciated.

    i know this sounds silly but whenever elaine page starts her part i always look at one of my cats whose getting older now and wonder what shes thinking about

    I do the same with my other cat, but i know, foooood, gimme food!

  10. This performance of “Memory” by Elaine Paige is the best I ever heard. And the performance by everyone here is just outstanding, and will live in my heart and mind forevermore. Brilliant!

  11. @leenaluvsu 15 people must be on crack. This rules!!

  12. this is the first time i have listened to this song and i have to say it is one of the most beautiful things i have ever heard. does any one know where i can find the musical so i can eatch it?!

  13. Un Tema Unico Memorable, Casi Sublime; Es de esos temas inolvidables que
    quedan siempre.

  14. This song makes me cry every time I hear it, even instrumental versions. It reminds me of every cat I’ve ever had that was old and gross that was once a happy, cuddly kitten. :'(

  15. I still get teary when I see this part of the musical. Elaine Page did a wonderful job singing this song!!!!

  16. Omg… The first singer is so freaking hot <3 I could watch her for hours (yeah and she sings nice too ;p) Do u have any idea where or when was this musical performed, or maybe u know the name of this group??

  17. @gamesmad and @beccaiscolness4life He’s mocking her .she was horribly cruel to them and even worked with other clans.

  18. Man! I sang this song for a choir concert and it was a sad song I even saw my mom cry.

  19. @gamesmad I do agree.

  20. @beccaiscolness4life Exactly what I was thinking, I’m never quite sure if he is mocking her or genuinely inviting her to sing. It’s amazingly well performed though.

  21. to me i belive in the song she isnt bad or anything but getting scared. because soon she will die. she is getting old and the like and doesnt wanna be forgotten. and to me who doesnt.

  22. DL the audio from this song at speedyconversion doht cohm.

  23. OMG, I cry like a child!! what an outstanding performance!!

  24. What does Rum Tug Tugger mean in his expression in 1:37- 1:40? Also another question what has Jezebel done to these cats? I mean is it just because she is dirty and old?

  25. @lydmantheincredible AMEN TO THAT!