Portege R500-S5007V : The Thinnest Laptop

Portege R500-S5007V, a skinny laptop was launched by Toshiba. The measure is  0.77-inches and  2.4 pounds weight. Therefore, this series is the thinnest laptop nowadays. The capacity is 128GB.m. The screen is 12.1inches. If we use it outdoor, sun light can pass the screen, than it’s reflected out for bringing the pictures on the display alive. Therefore, we are able to switch off the LED backlighting. Consequently, we will low our consumption of battery.

The battery will live about 8 hours and more. This laptop is also facilitated by multi level password, advanced encryption, and a fingerprint reader.

And about the price, it’s about  $2,999. While the warranty is 3years.

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