Ram – Carnaval 2006

Ram – Carnaval 2006

Story begins with an incident of 1992. Rowdies go after two children and but their parents find them safely. After that (in the year 2006) Nitin wins a cycling competition held at Hyderabad and a company appoints him as its brand ambassador. The same company invites him to Mumbai. He moves to Mumbai and there, Veeru Bhai (Atul Kulkarni) wins a case on Ram Mandir. But a Muslim called Rahim (Dev Raj) obstructs the entry into the temple. Shakti (Jeeva) is friend of Veeru Bhai. Younger daughter o0ff Veeru Bhai, Janaki (Genelia) is a devotee of Sri Rama. His elder daughter is Jyotika (Rishita Bhat). Janaki stands on marrying her brother-in-law Ram who lost in her childhood. But Veeru Bhai decides to marry her with his friend Shakti

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29 Responses to “Ram – Carnaval 2006”

  1. I do not speak Creole, but I speak French. Can anyone confirm to me that part of the song (what is written on the blackboard at minute 1:55) explains about Haitians in Dominican Republic working the land without papers? We have the same issue: Many Guatemalans working abroad without documents.

  2. WRONG!!!!!!! he is HT and PR

  3. i wanna know hoe to download it too

  4. @x0xMiszPrincess10x0x email m e i ll tell you how i dont want to post it here

  5. Manman’w pa gen lwa , papa’w pa gen lwa ki jan’w fe gen guede ,,,Kote grann li ,li pran’l

  6. how can ii download this song? ii want it on ma ipod.. I LOVE RAM!

  7. wow some carnival sexy

  8. wow ram touye moun nan paske kanaval sa dous

  9. sa se kanaval prefere.san manti!

  10. Apa te gen video li oo…. kanaval sa mpat konn si RAM te anfom konsa non, se sou channmas la 2e jou a le yo resi pase m-we jan meringue yo te anfom tant ke se te ringtone sou cell mwen…keep the good work RAM

  11. guede se nu sun li ye

  12. Bel bagay!!!!

  13. manman ou pa gen lwa papa ou pa gen lwa ki janw fe gen guede

  14. i really like this carnaval

  15. actually he is mixed cuban and haitian. his mother is haitian and father is cuban…. he was born in cuba and moved to haiti…..

  16. hi anyone want to chat

    comment me back UX

  17. If u say so…lol
    antouka, yo kon pran zel nan katie kote’m rete a…lol
    Love ya, ambreginny :-)

  18. no.

  19. This comment is for ambreginny. U seem to know so much about the voodoo world. Do u practice voodoo?

  20. nope. he’s half white. his mother is emerante de pradines, a haitian folk singer and dancer.

  21. He is really white he loved da hitian culture so he went 2 haiti and dats how he met his wife.

  22. 1st part is self-explained.
    the 2nd part is for the Ghedes, in which u see people dancing the banda (the gouyad and sexual dance), the Ghede colors of black, purple and white, the pepper drinks in bottles, and even Baron’s white face, sunglasses, top hat, pipe and cane.
    The Ghedes who are crude and sexual like to possess people who are defiant, uptight and resistant as if 2 humiliate them, or teach them a lesson, even non-vodouisants. i guess that’s what lunise meant by “pran yo, ghede”.

  23. i love that song!!!

  24. ya n that haitian guy that look white which he really not…that lady singing is his wife….

  25. is his wife the lady singin in the video???

  26. add subtitles

  27. @buchchibabu you are spot on mr babu, what you said is TRUE.

  28. This movie is nonsensical. If you think Muslims will paricipate in a Hindu festival you are out of your mind. Damn it! We are dumb Telugu people. When Nizam was ruling us he had 85% Muslim civil servants with 85% Hindu subjects. Nizam called Hindus dung worshippers. Just look at the Muslims in Kerala who chopped the of the hands of a Christian professor because they felt he insulted Islam. Please Google “love jihad” and you will see that this movie director is dreaming

  29. i wish there are more dramas about bava maradalu than disgusting love stories. nice movie.