“Stay In My Memory” by Bim

You can buy stills from this animation as prints or stretched canvases from my online shop at: www.society6.com Animation by Katy Davis: www.gobblynne.com http www.twitter.com Music by Bim: www.bimmusic.com http Buy Bim’s music at the apple store, following this link: www.bimmusic.com Online, Grade and general all round hero Ben King: www.loudandfast.co.uk The pop up book (which I made myself) along with the girl at the end, and the dragon, are all filmed with stop motion photography. I then drew the characters on paper and coloured them in Photoshop – there’s 1651 drawings just of the characters ouch! I put it all together using After Effects.

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25 Responses to ““Stay In My Memory” by Bim”

  1. I miss you so much Dad.

  2. does anyone know what the lyrics are? its beautiful

  3. still luv this song

  4. Katy Davis…your annimated video is by far the best video i have seen for this song. Can’t get this song out of my head…

  5. This song is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard. <3 Can't understand how anyone could hate it.

  6. ?? ? ??:.*? Wonderful? Emporium was here! ?*.:?? ?? ?

  7. I love this and Gone Fishing :)

  8. <3<3.

  9. @flequnz they thought it was a download button :)

  10. So cool

  11. @Gatomon2009 lol

  12. @AnalieSkywind

    As that comment was made seven months ago, I don’t even remember. XD

  13. @Gatomon2009 how did a religious convo pop up here?

  14. te iubesc Dani :*

  15. What a lovely video, the song is amazing :)

  16. I Follow inLove With her Songs


  18. Wonderful! ^-^ I love this song!

  19. CONGRATS!!!! :)

  20. this is like depressing…. D: i cried when i first saw it…

  21. This needs more views. 😐


  23. beautiful animation

  24. nice song

  25. @otwojoshb your gay