Intel Launched Chip 32 Gb NAND

Chip 32 Gb NAND was launched by Intel. This flash
memory uses 34 nano technology. It has storage
capacity till 256 GB.

Intel said that this SSD is cheaper and more effective
because of its big storage capacity. The size is also
small, only 1.8-inch. Maybe Chip 32 Gb NAND will be
released in the middle of this year. 

It's also faster. The power which's needed is less
than others. The reliability can be proofed because of
the inexistence of moving parts. 

It seems that Intel want to defeat Toshiba and
Samsung. Last week, a 256 GB solid state notebook
drive was launched by Samsung. While, 43 nanometer
manufacturing process for NAND flash was announced by
Toshiba recently. 

Actually, Chip Nand 32Gb is the development of  16Gb
technology. The main thing is Nand SSD has  head
read-write which can access and record data so that it
can avoid the risk of mechanical failure and lateness
of the hardisk. 
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